Narayana Street is a major link road that connects New Bus Stand with Ramakrishna Park.

During the previous DMK Mayor’s period, it was decided to develop this road as a small bypass to Four Roads. But it has now been abandoned.

A lot of the four-, three- and two-wheelers still use this road as Four Road is always in a traffic jam.

This road is a major road for Cluny Matric Girls School, which has 3,500 students.

This road now has a small link road to Brindavan Road also.

This 40 feet road at a corner has been encroached by huts and illegal constructions for the past few years and the authorities have turned a blind eye despite repeated representations.

The corner is near old Anandamaal Hospital and has a width of just 15 feet, with nearly 25 feet being encroached upon.

A hut has now been replaced with pucca tiled constructions.

I appeal through this column to the authorities concerned to clear and widen this road at the earliest.



RMS Post Office

The RMS Post Office at Salem Railway junction is situated in between first and second platform near the Railway Police Station.

One has to get the platform ticket to go to RMS post office.

About three years ago it was near the parcel office entrance.

For the convenience of the public, I request the railway and post authorities to shift the post office to the same place which was functioning earlier or any other place on the premises of the Salem railway junction.

B.R. Ramasubramanian,


Child labour

This refers to the report on child labour (The Hindu, dated January 1).

Reports on child labour in dailies have become common. The urgency of the situation demands concrete solutions for the total elimination of the bane of child labour in the country.

Though the rules are there against child labour they cannot be implemented with firmness due to many reasons.

We can neither implement nor ignore the rules. It will be humiliating to a refined society to see such children labouring for their very existence.

On the other hand, it will be a painful sight to see the children and their families go without food. We as a nation should be sensitive to the excruciating sufferings of poor children.

If child labour is to be abolished totally lock, stock and barrel, then the ’haves’ should come forward to help the ’have-nots’.

The best solution to this vexing problem may be in the hands of the corporates who realise their social responsibility.

The corporates may come forward to choose one area and adopt the orphans and the children who are thrown by circumstances into the quagmire of child-labour.

M. Vathapureeswaran,


Govt. appointments

The Government has decided to appoint retired Government servants/ retired employees of quasi-government organisations temporarily on contract basis in the Government Departments that are facing dearth of hands at various levels.

Instead of appointing retired Government servants who are getting pension now, lakhs of youngsters may be appointed through District Employment Exchanges on seniority basis.

G.N. Devaraj,

Bhavanisagar. (Readers can mail to with address and phone number)