Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: Regional Transport Officer (Coimbatore South), M. Natarajan has ordered the suspension of the licence of the driver and conductor of a private bus for refusing to accommodate a passenger bound for an intermediate bus stop.

There were specific complaints about drivers/ conductors operating their bus services as point to point and refusing to allow passengers bound for intermediate bus stops en route and also leaving the waiting passengers in such bus stops in the lurch.

A complaint from Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC) about private buses plying via Avanashi Road refusing to accommodate passengers bound for en route bus stops.

A discreet inquiry and inspection was carried out and it was found that driver M. Ravichandran and conductor R. Natarajan had resorted to such practices. Following, this the licences of both have been suspended.


Mr.Natarajan has warned that failure to comply with permit conditions and refusing to accommodate passengers for en route bus stops, stages will be viewed seriously and stringent action would be initiated against such bus crew.