This is with reference to the news item ‘Who is to blame? Subject or syllabus maker’ (The Hindu, dated January 3, 2010). It is high time for the Board of Studies to allot one period for reading books in the library and submitting a report on the subject read by the students. Regular reading habit in the library will enhance the communication skill in both English and regional language.

M.S. Sankaran,


Control price of gold

The price of gold is constantly fluctuating. The puzzle is who fixes the gold price on a daily basis. How is it that the price gold varies from city to city even within Tamil Nadu? Does it imply the quality of gold differs from city to city even within the same State? When the government takes measures to hold the price line of commodities, why not it initiate steps to control the price of gold, a thing sought after by all ranks of people. In fact, gold jewellery is part of Indian woman’s, now Indian man’s too, personality. Hence, the government is duty bound to make the price of the yellow metal affordable to all sections. Like the land ceiling, there must be a ceiling for possessing gold. A provision should be made in the Income Tax rules for the assessees to declare the quantity of gold owned by his or her family.

G.K.S. Kandasubramanian,


Scrap penalty for foreclosure of loans

Some banks, as well as non-banking financial institutions, levy penal interest for foreclosure of loans. Imposing a penalty for pre-closure of loan is against the principles of natural justice as it discourages promptness in repayment of loan by the debtor. Therefore, the Reserve Bank of India should give guidelines to all banks and non-banking financial organisations to refrain from demanding penalty on account of foreclosure of loans. The RBI should also prevent debtors from jumping from one bank to other on “balance-transfer” by imposing a uniform rate of interest (whether fixed or floating) in respect of various kinds of loans to be adopted by all banks and non-banking institutions.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Sanction funds for gauge conversion

The gauge conversion between Manamadurai to Virudhunagar has been delayed due to paucity of funds. I request the railway authorities to allot necessary funds for completion of the speedy completion of the pending work.

V. Rajendran,


Include postal orders

According to the Right to Information Act, a fee for seeking information has to be paid in cash against receipt or by demand draft / bankers cheques. Practically these modes of payment of fees are not easily accessible to people in rural areas. Therefore, the Government should include postal orders also towards payment of fees as in vogue in the case of consumer protection forums.

S. Rajathampi,


Amend rule

This refers to the news item “Maintenance of Parents Act: rules framed for effective implementation” (The Hindu, December 30). The rules for the act have been framed by the State Government, but are yet to be notified in the Government Gazette. Section 24 of the act states if the sons abandon their parents, the sons are liable to be imprisoned for three months. The jail sentence for ungrateful sons seems a harsh punishment. Instead of jail sentence, the State Government may deduct a portion of the sons’ salary and give it to the parents for their maintenance. Will the State Government delete the provision of jail sentence from section 24?

G. Purushothaman,