It is welcome that the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been computerising the proceedings of district consumer courts and Tamil Nadu State forum under the project CONFONET. With this, the daily cause list and judgements of consumer forums can be seen on the internet. The district consumer forum judgements in Tamil Nadu are rendered in Tamil. They are uploaded in Tamil font Tamil - Aishwarya. Either from Confonet web site or using any internet search engine, one is able to download this particular Tamil font. It will be useful if Confonet web site has a free download of Tamil Aishwarya font. Also the daily cause list should also be updated for next hearing date and should be in display for at least a month thereafter.

R. Ganesan,


Pay band system

The Sixth Pay Commission restructured the pay scale system into a pay band system relocating pay of pre 1-1-06 appointees both past retirees and existing employees as pay in the pay band corresponding to Fifth CPC pay scales with DA as on 1.1.06. On acceptance by Government, finance ministry and pension department framed rules accordingly. Finance ministry’s concurrence to pension department to clarify that pay in the pay band for revision of pension is not with reference their pay scales of Fifth CPC, thus preventing payment of entitled pension, is contradictory, which does not speak well of democratic governance.

K. Srinivasan,


Removal of third berth

The Railway administration created the third berth between side upper and side lower berths in second class 3-tier and AC 3-tier coaches, involving heavy expenditure. Now, the Railway Minister has advised to remove them, which will involve heavy expenditure and resultant damage to coaches. Any decision taken by Governments should not be reversed subsequently in a casual manner.

P.R. Krishnan,

Ayyappa Nagar.

Open more reservation counters

For a long time only two reservation counters are functioning at Thanjavur junction. The two counters are not enough to cater to the growing demand. Along with beautifying the railway station, it is a must to have two more counters and one exclusively for disabled and senior citizens.

A.M. Mohamed Jabarulla,


Punctual departure of train

The scheduled departure and arrival of train No.807 at Vriddhachalam and Tiruchi is 5.30 a.m. and 9 a.m. respectively. As such these timings are conducive to thousands of students and Government employees of Tiruchi. But, for the past one month this train is commencing its journey more than an hour late from the destination and reaching Tiruchi around 10 a.m. As a result the cup of woes of the commuters is full to its brim. Yes, this train is running late for the reasons best known to the railway administration.H. Ghouse Baig,


Noise pollution

The high decibel air horns used by lorries and trucks (especially during nights) passing through the Dindigul-Tiruchi National Highway, within the city limits at Karumandapam is unbearable and cause sleepless nights to residents living alongside the road. Authorities should take action on these vehicles and prevent noise pollution.

D. Saminathan,


Narrow service lanes

The news item ‘Service lanes, Tennur’s bane’ (The Hindu, dated December 28) has not come a day too soon. Narrow service lanes, after the construction of Tennur over-bridge, have become a bottleneck from Shastri Road to Tennur High Road in both directions. Indirectly this puts pressure on Thillainagar Main and Cross Road traffic (1,5,7 and 11). Another factor is the container lorry traffic throughout nights adding to the traffic woes in Thillainagar. I appeal to the authorities to put an end to lorry traffic in cross roads especially during nights.

A.V. Narayanan,

Thillainagar North.

Open ryots’ shandy

The State Government is interested to open more ‘uzhavar santhais’ in cities/towns to get a fair price to farmers as well to the common people. In Tiruchi also there are more than two uzhavar santhais which are functioning well. In Edamalaipattipudur/Crawford there are no such santhais. The mutton stall/fish stall are scattered here and throw their waste in nearby waste lands. I request either the State Government or the Corporation to open a uzhavar santhai which would be of immense help to the local people.

G. Baskaran,


Collection of waste

Mayor of Tiruchi had exposed the failure of the Corporation in the disposal of plastic waste thrown on the streets. The Corporation can take the responsibility of collecting the waste of plastic as well as paper offering a price of Rs.4 and Rs.2 per kg respectively since they can be used as raw material for manufacture of some useful products. The incentive of price offer will be of help to some people who can pick up and get some remuneration. The job of regular collection and sale to manufacturing units may be entrusted with the health department staff.

T. Rangasamy,


Dangerous electric post

In Ayyappanagar area Indira Nagar First Street there is an electric post in a precarious condition. Repeated requests to the K.K. Nagar TNEB Office have fallen in deaf ears. Officials concerned should look in to the matter immediately before something untoward happens.


Indira Nagar.

Relay road

The three-km road from Thuvakudi to IOC, SIDCO Women’s Industrial Estate at Valavandankottai is in a very bad condition. I request the authorities to relay the road immediately.

N. Alagappan,


Faulty speed breakers

It is surprising that the PWD and Highways Department engineers, contractors do not know the national and international specifications of speed breakers. The speed breakers laid by them in Tiruchi are faulty and cause damage to vehicles. The Mayor should reprimand these technicians and road contractors for their ignorance.

P. David,