For a long time only two reservation counters are functioning at Thanjavur Junction. These two counters are not adequate to cater to the growing demand of the travelling public of the district. Along with beautifying the railway station, it is a must to have two more counters and yet another counter exclusively for the disabled and senior citizens.

A. M. Mohamed Jabarulla,


Replace tiles

The slippery condition of the tiles at the Kumbakonam Railway Station is more a danger than a facility. Many persons have suffered injuries due to these slippery tiles. I request the authorities to replace the same in the interest of the passengers.

R. Kumaravelu,


Re-introduce pinning of currencies to bundles

Many of the account holders of the nationalised, State Bank around Kumbakonam complain shortage of currency notes in the bundles issued by these banks. Hence I request the Reserve Bank of India to reintroduce the pinning of notes in the bundles to avoid pilferage for the sake of administrative convenience. Public interest should not be ignored.

K. Santhanam,


Facilitate easy access to temple

Sri Rathnagiriswrar Temple is situated atop Ayyarmalai near Kulithalai and we have to climb 1,017 steps to reach it. Chitrai car, Somavaram, Pournami Girivalam, Amavasai and Pradosham days are grandly celebrated in this hill temple by thousands of devotees from all over Tamil Nadu, especially from the southern districts to whom it is their family shrine. Only the rich people could arrange for dholi.

In order to facilitate easy access to this holy temple, the Government could provide rope car/winch facility or elephant passage as in Palani Temple.

R. S. Moorthy,


Make arrangements for the font download

It is welcome that National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been computerising the proceedings of district consumer courts and TN State forum under the project CONFONET. With this, the daily cause list and judgements of consumer forums can be seen on internet.

The consumer district forum judgements situated within Tamil Nadu are rendered in Tamil. They are uploaded in Tamil font - Aishwarya. Either from confonet website or using any internet search engine, one is not able to download this particular tamil font. It will be useful if confonet website has a free download of Tamil Aishwarya font.

Also the daily cause list should also be updated for next hearing date and should be in display for atleast a month thereafter.

R. Ganesan,


Run train in time

The scheduled departure and arrival of Train No.807 at Vriddhachalam and Tiruchi is 5.30 a.m. and 9 a.m. respectively. As such these timings are conducive to thousands of college/school students and state/central Government employees of Tiruchi, these gentry were banking on this passenger train.

But, for the past one month, this train is commencing its journey an hour late in starting destination and reaching Tiruchi around 10 a.m.

As a result the woes of the commuters who are banking on this particular train for reaching their destination are never ending. Yes, this train is running late for the reasons best known to the railway administration. On behalf of the unwary commuters we request the Divisional Railway Manager to take steps for running this train complying with its original timings.

H. Ghouse Baig,