Efforts are being taken to bring the police and the public closer, says

V. S. Palaniappan

Setting the tone and focus of the Coimbatore City Police for the year 2009, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City, K.C. Mahali on Thursday revived the community policing concept by reactivating the second Police Boys Club.

Community policing is a peace time policing effort wherein the police could bridge the gap with the public and ensure a better and healthy interaction, which would come handy for effective maintenance of law and order and crime prevention, Mr.Mahali pointed out.

It may be recalled that of the six Police Boys Clubs that were lying dormant over the last few years, Mr.Mahali reactivated the first Police Boys Club two months ago at Sivananda Colony and on Thursday he reactivated the second club at Kamarajapuram in R.S. Puram police limits in the city.

Mr.Mahali told The Hindu that in 2000, the then City Police Commissioner and presently the Additional Director-General of Police and Chennai City Police Commissioner, K. Radhakrishnan infused life into community policing and activated the Police Boys Club.

Over the last few years, owing to shift in focus, the police clubs became dormant. Now, the police boys clubs were being reactivated.

The first and oldest boys club in the City is at Puliakulam which is very active and two more have been reactivated.

Three more police clubs would be reactivated in the days to come at Variety Hall Road, Slaughter House Road and Matta Salai in Race Course police limits.

The objective of the exercise was to have police boys clubs in crime prone pockets and ensure that the children and youth are weaned away from criminal elements are made to focus on useful ventures such as vocational training, academics and extra-curricular activities.

Children from poor economic strata of society are likely to drop out of formal school education and were likely to get into bad influence, hence the effort to keep a close of watch on them from Day 1.

The other elements of community policing being given impetus were infusing life into the concept of 72 area ward committees, the 15 city vigilance committees at the rate of one committee per police station.

The other effort would be revive the community service centres i.e., the police beat boxes in vital locations which would act as an immediate contact for the public from the neighbourhood.

The beat boxes would entertain petitions and make attempts to resolve grievances of the public.

The City has 11 check posts of which seven were active and now steps were being taken to reactivate the remaining four as well.

The focus would be on improving the quality of performance by the three All Women Police stations wherein the personnel there should be able to offer counselling and resolve family disputes.

City Police would also make efforts to increase the number of traffic wardens so that they could supplement the efforts of the police in traffic regulation and crowd control.

The Traffic Wardens Organisation at Coimbatore City Unit has very limited number of wardens at present and a persistent effort was being made to increase the same.

The numbers of residential welfare organisations in Coimbatore West were 10 having 500 members.

The effort is on to consolidate and network these associations with the police in a bid to have enhanced co-ordination for ensuring effective crime prevention drives.

The police are also strengthening the Road Safety Patrol (RSP) and at present 44 schools were having 1,500-odd students of which 400 were girl students.

Police are also co-ordinating with Advocate P. Kuppusamy for roping in the services of scouts students for supplementing efforts.