Special Correspondent

Eyewitnesses allege that lawyers closed the door and beat up police personnel

CHENNAI: Six persons, who were present in the Madras High Court on February 17, have stated in a memorandum to Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan that they were witness to violence unleashed by a section of lawyers against Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and other litigants and visitors in the court.

The eyewitnesses alleged that the lawyers closed the door and then beat up the Assistant Commissioner of Police Khader Moideen and other police personnel.

They raised abusive and obscene slogans against the police personnel and forcibly evicted them from the court before beating up Dr. Swamy and other visitors and litigants. In this connection, an order was passed by Justice P.K. Misra and Justice K.Chandru vividly stating the violence unleashed by a section of lawyers.

The memorandum stated that the Madras High Court had swept aside the happenings of February 17, which alone had triggered the incidents on February 19, and had capitulated meekly to “organised and well planned violence” a section of lawyers let loose across the State. The incidents on February 17 were a clear case of human rights violation by a section of lawyers inside the court premises.

It wanted the apex court to take suo motu action against alleged rights violators.