Special Correspondent

Post-delimitation, only 8 constituencies in Tiruvannamalai

VELLORE: In the wake of the constituency delimitation process undertaken by the Election Commission of India in 2007, the number of Assembly constituencies in Vellore district has increased from 12 to 13, while that of the Tiruvannamalai district has reduced from nine to eight. The names of some of the Lok Sabha constituencies have been changed and new constituencies carved out by reorganising the previously existing Assembly segments in such a way that Vellore district has two Lok Sabha constituencies comprising six Assembly segments each (with a lone segment Tiruttani from neighbouring Tiruvallur district being included in the Arakkonam Lok Sabha constituency) and Tiruvannamalai district too has two Lok Sabha constituencies — both newly named constituencies — namely Tiruvannamalai and Arni.

The Vandavasi and Tirupattur Lok Sabha constituencies are no longer in existence. The Tiruvannamalai Lok Sabha constituency has two Assembly segments from neighbouring Vellore district, namely Jolarpet and Tirupattur, while the Arni Lok Sabha constituency has two Assembly segments from neighbouring Villupuram district, namely Senji and Mayilam.

Three new Assembly constituencies have been carved out of the previousl Assembly segments in Vellore district, namely Ambur, Kilvazhithunaiankuppam and Jolarpet, the Pernambut Assembly constituency has been abolished and the villages in that constituency have been included in the Gudiyatham Assembly constituency and the newly formed Ambur Assembly constituency.

While one new Assembly constituency — Kilpennathur — has been carved out of after the delimitation process in Tiruvannamalai district, two existing Assembly constituencies, namely Peranamallur and Thandrambattu have been abolished. The villages in these constituencies have been included in other constituencies.

Following is the break-up of the Assembly constituencies in the various Lok Sabha constituencies in Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts after the delimitation process, based on which the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections would be held:

Vellore district:

Arakkonam Lok Sabha Constituency (no.7): Assembly Constituency no.3 Tiruttani, 38 Arakkonam (reserved for Scheduled Castes), 39 Sholinghur, 40 Katpadi, 41 Ranipet and 42 Arcot.

Vellore Lok Sabha Constituency (no.8): 43 Vellore, 44 Anaicut, 45 Kilvazhithunaiankuppam (SC), 46 Gudiyatham (SC), 47 Vaniyambadi and 48 Ambur.

Tiruvannamalai district:

Tiruvannamalai Lok Sabha Constituency (no.11): 49 Jolarpet, 50 Tirupattur, 62 Chengam (SC), 63 Tiruvannamalai, 64 Kilpennathur and 65 Kalasapakkam.

Arni Lok Sabha Constituency (no.12): 66 Polur, 67 Arni, 68 Cheyyar, 69 Vandavasi (SC), 70 Senji and 71 Mayilam.