Special Correspondent

Authorities sent samples to CLRI and confirmed they were unfinished leather

Importer-Exporter Code of an importer misused too

CHENNAI: Three consignments of unfinished leather, worth Rs.62 lakh, declared as finished leather were seized by the Customs officials at the Chennai Port a couple of days ago.

According to C. Rajan, Commissioner of Customs (Imports), exporters in order to evade payment of export duty and to avail undue drawback, attempted to export the leather materials after wrongly declaring them as finished leather. Of the total consignments, two were stuffed in one container and moved to the Chennai Port for export to Germany. The container was stopped and an examination revealed that it was unfinished crust leather.

Customs authorities sent samples to CLRI, who after testing confirmed that they were unfinished leathers.

Unfinished leathers attracted export duty for which no drawback is available, Mr.Rajan said. The exporters had attempted to evade payment of duty to the tune of Rs.13 lakh and in addition have claimed ineligible drawback amount of Rs.4 lakh. The goods were seized and further investigation is on, Mr.Rajan added.


In another case China-made electronic and consumer goods found in two containers were under valued.

Mr.Rajan said one of the consignments was declared as having materials worth Rs.11 lakh. When the authorities examined the container they found calculators, locks, scissors and CD bags, which were not properly declared and were found to be grossly undervalued. The total value of the goods found in the container was about Rs.57 lakh. Subsequent opening of the second container revealed that it contained clocks, gift items and show pieces totally worth Rs.18 lakh.

Investigation by the authorities revealed that the Importer-Exporter Code of an importer was misused by some one. Since there was mis-declaration, under valuation and Importer-Exporter Code violation the goods totally valued at Rs. 75 lakh was seized by the authorities.