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Ensure that children do not enter the premises of kilns

COIMBATORE: Neetchi Siraar Urimai Kazhagam plans to identify children aged below five here and enrol them in balvadis.

This was one of the decisions taken at the meeting of the forum held here recently.

It also appealed to the Government to have a regular monitoring system of the brick kilns so that children do not enter the kiln premises for any reason. Even permitting the children into the kiln premises should be treated as child labour, it said.

The forum would organise medical camps for children living near the kilns.

It would also identify students aged less than 14 who are not attending school and enrol them in regular schools. It was essential to have child care centres for the benefit of workers coming to the kilns. The height of water tanks in the kilns should be increased or the tanks should be kept closed for the safety of the workers’ children.

Consultation meetings should be held between the workers and the kiln owners regularly.

Benefits should be disbursed under various welfare schemes for these workers, according to a release from the forum.