This refers to the report ‘Double tumbler system still in vogue here’ on untouchability practised in Thali block of Krishnagiri district (March 19).

The scourge of caste and social discrimination is rampant and well-entrenched in our society.

Dalits are subjected to all kinds of inhuman discrimination.

They are forced to live in clusters away from the mainstream, denied permission to draw water from village wells and served tea in separate tumblers.

Their children are discriminated against in schools.

In fact, discrimination against Dalits begins right from their birth and ends in their death.

The Dalits endure all atrocities perpetrated on them by the so-called upper castes because they are dependent on the latter for their livelihood.

Only economic empowerment can make them stand up against discrimination.

N. Sekar,


Salute, not pollute

An engineering college very close to our clean and ‘green’ colony celebrated some event or the other for 10 consecutive days.

The events comprised ear-breaking orchestra, rock-bursting crackers and storm dust-raising motor vehicle race etc.

Students of X and XII classes preparing for examinations, infants, the aged and women were the worst affected.

Students should be taught to salute the environment, not to pollute it.

R. Nagarajan,


Care for the aged

The Manmohan Singh Government has done well to give priority to the welfare of aged fathers and mothers.

Earning sons and daughters should allot a little amount to their parents.

The amount should be credited to the parents’ savings bank account every month.

They can use the money for their grandsons and unmarried daughters about whom old parents are worried.

M.S. Sankaran,


Pass book entry

State Bank of India does not make entries in the pass book of account holders having an ATM debit card.

Because of this the account holders cannot peruse their transactions. They need to know about the date of transactions.

Hence the SBI should make entries in the pass books of the customers even though they have ATM debit cards.

G.N. Devaraj,


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