P. Oppili

CHENNAI: There has been a considerable increase in the population of Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-Tailed macaque in the Giant Grizzled Wildlife Sanctuary in Srivilliputhur revealed the recently concluded census.

Wildlife officials said Nilgiri Tahr has been sighted in the entire division starting from Kottamalai in Rajapalayam to Perumal Malai in Sadhuragiri hills near Sundara Mahalingam temple in Saptoor. Wildlife authorities said compared to last year the tahr sighting was more this year. Similarly, the authorities also sighted a large group of lion-tailed macaques.

T.Subramania Raja, member of the Wildlife Association of Rajapalayam (WAR) said last year a group of lion-tailed macaques were sighted during the census, which consisted of nearly 30 animals. But, this time more than 45 animals including sizeable number of young ones were sighted in a single group between Nagariyar and Periyakavu patch, he said.

The Wildlife authorities have created more transects and also involved the staff from the Social Forestry wing of Virudhunagar district. Talking about sighting of grizzled giant squirrel, they said the number of squirrels sighted was more than what it was last year. One of the groups also sighted a tiger in Sadhura Giri hills. As done in Project Tiger area camera trapping should be taken up at the sanctuary, he added.