K. Ravi

CHENNAI: The Pancharatna kritis of Purandhara Dasa were rendered by V.L. Sudharshan and his team of musicians at the Kannada Sangha Hall at Ayanavaram on Thursday.

Similar to the Pancharatna kritis of the saint composer Thyagaraja, these kiritis were set in the order of ragas Nattai, Gaula, Arabi, Varali and Sri ragam.

Though the Sahityas were rendered by Purandhara Dasar, considered Pithamha of Carnatic music, they were set in these ragas in Adhi tala by Mr. Sudharshan, violinst and reader at Annamalai University.

"This unique effort of identifying Pancharatnas from Purandhara Dasa's lakhs of kritis was my three-year endeavour," says Mr. Sudharshan, who hails from a family of musicians.

This was possible because of the cooperation from Shyamala Gopal, musician and retired Reader in the Annamalai University, he said.

The recital began like the `Chetulara' rendered during the commencement of the Thyagaraja Aradhana.

The Pancharatna kritis were rendered by the group in a pattern similar to Thyagarajar's Pancharatnas.

With vocal support from Shyamala Gopal, B. Govidarajan and Poorna Prangya Rao and percussion accompaniment by A. Saravanan and J. Boovaragan, the recital was organised by the Pithamha Sri Purandhara Dasar Sangeetha Sabha.

The team is leaving for Hampi, birthplace of Purandhara Dasa, to give a recital this week.