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Lid thrown more than 100 feet by explosion; no casualties

CHENNAI: A boiler burst at the SIDCO Estate, Ambattur, disrupting power and destroying the compound wall of a small industry unit, on Wednesday evening. There were no casualties.

Entrepreneurs in surrounding industrial units said this was the third such instance. The first incident a few years ago claimed one casualty.

Workers in adjoining units recalled a sound like a bomb going off, the ground shaking. They said the lights went out at around 7.30 p.m. Those in units on the next street thought it were an earthquake.

The boiler burst and sent the lid flying across the street. The weight of the lid was not known with some estimating it to be around two tonnes.

The boiler-manufacturing unit manager was unavailable for comment. Police sources said that it is unlikely that action would be taken, since no lives were lost.