The right way to re-lay roads

The problem of waterlogging in buildings is not only due to the heavy rains, but also the way roads are re-laid by the corporation. The corporation re-lays the road putting a new layer over the old in the event of rain damage, resulting in water entering buildings and compounds.

A classic example is the Aminjikarai police station. One can see the same phenomenon in Mogappair East and in other places. The right method to re-lay the road is to remove a few inches of the top layer (perhaps a few feet now!) and re-lay the road to original level.

If this is done, the manholes will not sink - as they do now.

Another suggestion: why not make the roads act as stormwater drains by re-laying the road with a slight gradient towards the nearest natural nullah.

This could be done if the corporation starts restoring the road levels to the originally-laid levels. With proper surveys and with earthmoving equipment, this should not be a difficult task.

B. Raja Rao,


Check fleecing auto drivers

Regarding the news item "Prepaid autos" ( The Hindu , January 5), autorickshaw drivers have had their way for so long, that it is going to be difficult to discipline them now. Earlier they used to run their vehicles with doctored meters, now they ply at negotiated flat rates, fleecing middle class users.

They are charging not less than Rs. 7-8 per km and sometimes the fare goes beyond Rs. 10 per km. In the neighbouring States, the autorickshaws, by and large, are disciplined and charge a reasonable rate, with Rs. 10 as minimum for 2 kms.

It is high time the government took action to fix a reasonable fare to be operated only by electronic meters and enforce discipline in the sector.

S. Radhakrishnan

West Mambalam

The menace posed by stray cattle

There are scores of stray cattle roaming freely in and around Madipakkam and Nanganallur. These animals can be seen sitting on the main roads, posing a danger to pedestrians, two-wheelers and other road users. No one seems to want to do anything to see them off the roads. Swift and permanent action in getting rid of this menace by the authorities will go a long way towards avoiding possible accidents.

D. Natarajan


Expansion of police jurisdiction

Since last October 2005, the suburban Police Stations of Chengai (East) have come under the control of the Chennai City Police Commissioner, for administrative convenience as well as efficient policing.

The residents of Chromepet find the move welcome.

We can now see changes in the functioning of the police force in the suburbs.

There is a marked improvement in traffic control and night patrolling.

While we are happy that the policing has become more efficient and visible, as far as the granting of permission for holding public meetings/ dharnas etc, it has become cumbersome since one has to go to city Police Commissioner's Office to obtain it.

Hitherto, we were getting the permission from the local police station itself. Going to city Police Commissioner's Office for getting permission is a time consuming and expensive job.

The present Commissioner has introduced e-governance in some areas in the police administration, for the benefit of public.

It would be ideal if the Commissioner delegates the power of granting permission to the local police stations.

Sometimes, at short notice, political parties and organisations like ours have to organise meetings and on such occasions, it is impossible to go to Egmore to obtain the necessary permission.

V. Santhanam

President, Chromepet New Colony Residents Welfare Society

Dug up road yet to be re-laid

During the recent rains, Tiruvallur district officials dug up South Tank Street in Tiruvallur to carry floodwaters into the Veeraraghavaswamy temple tank. Because of this, residents of South Tank Street at present have no access to the main road. Even after a month, the pipes have not been laid and the road has not been re-laid.

Many elderly persons and patients are residing on the street. In the event of an emergency, ambulances cannot come to the street.

Last week, an elderly woman suffered a serious health problem, and she had to be carried to the main road to board an autorickshaw.

Our repeated requests to the authorities to re-lay the road has fallen on deaf ears. Residents are finding it difficult to transport even essential items and gas cylinders. Will the officials take timely action to end the sufferings?

A. C. Vasudevan


Postal services curtailed

Of late, it is disheartening to note that the Department of Posts has taken upon themselves to abridge/curtail the facilities hither to enjoyed by the people at large. One such thing is to close down several of the non-delivery sub-post offices.

When the Minister of Communications, Dayanidhi Maran, is coming forth with various innovative schemes besides the facilities available in post offices, it appears to be a retrograde step to close down sub-post offices.

Will the Central Government reconsider the issue and reopen the closed down sub-post offices?

K. Ramadoss,


Check illicit sale of LPG cylinders

In all towns and villages of Tamil Nadu, the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) delivery men are selling the 14.2 kg subsidised domestic LPG to tea stalls, sweet stalls, bakeries, fast-food/ small hotels at Rs. 400/- or more per cylinder for commercial purposes with the support of the distributors. This is illegal. We cannot understand why the LPG companies are not taking any action against culprits.

The Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas has stated that it is the responsibility of the State Government to take action against the culprits. But the State Government has not done so.

The result: there is an artificial scarcity of LPG cylinders and the sufferers are the hard-pressed consumers.

G. Dorairaj,

Maraimalai Nagar

A speedbreaker is needed here

A speedbreaker has to be provided at the junction of 7th and 11th Cross Streets near `Ram Lok Apartments' in Sastri Nagar, where the traffic is heavy and frequent traffic accidents take place.

A `Stop, Listen and Proceed' signboard is also needed at this junction to caution speeding drivers, particularly those of water tankers and lorries.

P.V. Srinivasan,

Sastri Nagar

Unruly elements in cinemas

In the city's cinema halls, especially where English films are shown, a section of the audience creates problems for others watching the film. The problem emanates from a single individual who either whistles loudly or shrieks with no reason at all and this is immediately followed by a chorus of whistles, grunts, boos etc. The noise is unwelcome and distracting, and deprives the other viewers of the pleasure of watching the film. The problem lasts the full length of the film. The theatre owners can, with the help of police, weed out such elements to ensure other viewers are not affected.

J. Manohar Singh,


Open more ticket counters

The ticket counter at the Perungalathur station is situated on the metre gauge platform. The station is used by passengers of both broad gauge and metre gauge passenger trains. There are only a few metre gauge passenger trains, and most of the passengers take the broad gauge services. As there are no steps leading to the next platform, people have to cross the tracks and leap on to the platform to get the ticket to catch the train.

We request the railway authorities to install ticket counters on both platforms and to build a foot-over-bridge to avoid accidents and to increase frequency of trains in this section.

S. Sabarinath,

Jawahar Nagar

Provide bus bays on LB Road

There is a heavy flow of traffic on Lattice Bridge Road, especially during peak hours. The flow is obstructed by a bus stop at Thiagaraja Theatre, which is a very congested area. It would not do to shift or remove this stop, because it serves several thousand people living nearby. Therefore, the authorities should consider opening `bus bays' opposite the SBI on Lattice Bridge Road, where there is a park and an overbridge for vehicles coming from Indira Nagar, Adyar.

V. Viswanathan,


Relief for the deserving

The massive distribution of flood relief in kind and cash to the people in Tamil Nadu is commendable. The process went off well by and large. But in some cases the deserving people have been left out. For example under Egmore and Nungambakkam tehsil Jurisdiction, corporation ward No.65 every citizen of Chitrai Street, Aani Street and the residents along the Virugambakkam Canal in Raghavendra Colony were the worst affected, by the flood waters entering their homes in October, November and in December; they had to wade through knee-deep water and spend pitch dark nights without power for almost a week. We request the authorities to take suitable steps to provide them redress.

R. Gopalan

Chinmaya Nagar

Bus route changed without notice

Hitherto, MTC route No. M147A, from Mogappair East to T. Nagar, was plying via Sterling Road, College Road and Village Road (now Valluvar Kottam High Road). All of a sudden, without any notice to the commuters boarding at Mogappair terminus, the route was changed and now the bus goes via Pushpa Nagar to reach T. Nagar. This has caused inconvenience to those working at ESI and Shastri Bhavan, the Central Government office complexes.

K. Pradeep,


Remove encroachments

On Mambalam High Road, a two km long and sixty-foot wide stretch parallel to North Usman Road, has been totally encroached by slum dwellers over the rainwater canal. Hence rainwater from nearby roads does not flow through the canals and stagnates. The canals are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The authorities should act to clear the encroachments and clean the rainwater canal.

The above road is a good alternative to the congested North Usman Road for people who travel from Mahalingapuram, Pushpa Nagar, Nungambakkam and Kamdar Nagar towards Panagal Park.



Provide streetlights in Tiruvallur

The long stretch of Jawaharlal Nehru High Road, at Manavalan Nagar, Tiruvallur, has been converted into a one-way and traffic bound for Chennai and Chengalpattu takes the diversion route through the new overbridge road. But this road, which has more potholes than conceivably any other, is badly in need of lighting on either side. The authorities concerned are requested to provide streetlights.

Secretary, Residents Welfare,

Manavalan Nagar Association,