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PONDICHERRY: They are both photographers from the USA and while one is a photographer who has used the computer to juxtapose visuals on another and alter them, the other has captured breathtaking sceneries of beaches, sunsets, birds and rivers.

While Kathryn's altered photographs are inspired by the art, philosophy and culture of India, John D. Craig looks at nature in the beauty of its rawness.

"Digital ink-jet prints are a recent development in my work and allow me to utilise a growing archive of photographs I have taken on my many visits to India.

The inspiration behind some of these is a desire to create links between my home in New England and my increasing immersion in the art and culture of India," says Kathryn.

This artist's involvement with India has made her more interested in American history, particularly in the 19th century American transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau who found inspiration in Indian spiritual and philosophical sources.

She says that in these prints she finds a place where the extraordinariness of India, the familiarity of her life at home and the remarkable and complex histories of both places can meet.

John D. Craig's images bring out the depth of the sceneries he has captured on film.

You feel like you are standing at a beach in California when you look at the picture of a lovely sunset with birds flying in a sort of formation and clouds lying around in the sky in a very disturbed way and in unimaginable colours.

Natural rock bridges, arches, rock formations all formed due to the action of wind and water also seem to have caught his eye.

He has shot the pictures at Canyon Lands National Park and Arches National Park in Utah and several other locations.

Kathryn Myer and John Craig's works are on display at Aurodhan Gallery, # 33, Rue Francois Martin, Kuruchikuppam.