K.T. Sangameswaran

Former consumer panel head relates experience in the U.S.

CHENNAI: He is a former president of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). But when it comes to suffering from service deficiency, he too seems to be no exception.

At a recent function in Chennai to release a book on consumer law, D.P. Wadhwa, narrated his own experience. While serving the Telecom Regulatory Authority, he was on a visit to Boston when the "lift" he was in got stuck between two floors.

Reaching a telephone within, he called up the hotel staff to convey his predicament. Say "elevator" and not a "lift," a hotel staff corrected him! Help took a long time to arrive, despite repeated calls. At last, with great difficulty, he located an emergency telephone number, and dialled it. The response was quick; his rescuers turned out to be from the fire brigade. They got the door open, but asked him to climb up. Given his age, he could not do so. Ultimately, he was brought out. When he consulted a U.S. lawyer on taking legal action, the lawyer replied that it was possible, but would require his presence at the hearings. Mr. Wadhwa had to drop the idea of filing a complaint.