New railway division

Thanks to the Coimbatore Railway Passengers' Association for bringing to light the long-standing demand of the passengers of this region to come out of the control of Palghat Division. The recent announcement that a separate railway division with headquarters at Salem will be formed shortly was welcome news. The process naturally entails the rearrangement of the territories. The latest news is that Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Tirupur will be retained in Palakkad division even after the formation of the new Salem division. This causes great disappointment, if not shock, to the people of Coimbatore region. Coimbatore and Tirupur are the major revenue yielding stations in the State. They should naturally be under the control of a division functioning in Tamil Nadu. Kerala has two railway divisions with headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram and Palakkad. The Thiruvananthapuram division was formed to satisfy the demand of the local people to come out of the control of the Madurai division. If that stand is justified, how can they question the aspirations of the Tamilians to get themselves released from the control of the two divisions in Kerala.

The suggestion of the association to locate the headquarters of the new division at Podanur merits consideration since it will considerably reduce the financial burden and bring back to Podanur its old glory.

V. Muralikrishnan,


Burning garbage

This refers to the report `Burning garbage - what of health?' ( The Hindu dated December 21). Garbage mixed waste consists of very odd items ranging from vegetables, papers, broken glasses, plastics, old batteries, broken thermometers, PVC materials and used tube lights. Municipalities and Panchayats burn this garbage to reduce volume.But such burning has a damaging effect on the health of people around. The health hazard also includes infertility and impairing of learning ability in babies. Therefore, it is high time that the local bodies are prohibited from burning garbage.

A. Ranganathan,


Pleas to no avail

We, a group of residents of Senguptha Street, Ramnagar, Coimbatore, have been fighting a long battle to evict an unruly perpetrator of residential peace. A huge scrap iron yard, which was recently upgraded to a sheet metal cutting and processing factory. Operating from a residential site, the owner has been turning a deaf ear to our pleadings for over 10 years to atleast provide us relief from the deafening noise from the factory starting 9 a.m. and late into the night. Article 19(1)(a) read with Article 21 upholds the citizens right to live peacefully, right to sleep at night and right to leisure, necessary ingredients of the right to life. Our petitions to the Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation, the Mayor, the Chief Fire Officer, Collector, the Chief Engineer, TNEB, received cold response. The Police Commissioner deputed a police officer to look into it and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board ordered an inquiry.Even after the warning by the police, noise and disturbance continued and on our persistent complaints, the B3 Police Station hauled him for an enquiry at which point in time it was clearly established that he had no approval to conduct business at that site. A timid warning from the police and a letter in writing from him ensuring he will not disturb the peace of the residents, however, only made him free to resume his business.



Airport parking fee

One has to pay Rs. 50 to park a vehicle at the Coimbatore Airport for just 5 minutes. The parking fee is unjustified. Many persons coming to the airport are from middle class families.

N. Rathika,


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