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Booklet on road safety education for schoolteachers

PONDICHERRY: "Do you know what to do if you have witnessed an accident? Dial 100 and inform the police. You needn't necessarily reveal your identity but just pass on the information as it could save a life. Also every hospital and clinic has to give first aid for accident victims and they cannot refuse," explains chief traffic warden, Pudhumai Balakrishnan, who along with S Nithianathan, Regional Transport Officer, has written an activity-based booklet for schoolteachers on road safety education. The Directorate of School Education's State Training Centre has brought out the booklet and around 50 teachers were recently given training on how to teach students on various aspects of road safety. The 22-page booklet discusses topics including regular traffic rules, how to avoid accidents, behaviour of youngsters towards driving, dangers of riding triples, special needs of elderly, disabled and the very young.

"During the two-day training programme on traffic and road safety we suggested that teachers act as traffic wardens, especially physical education teachers. We also taught them how they could take across the message to students through cartoons, slogans and games," said Mr. Balakrishnan. Traffic Police Inspectors Radhakrishnan and Selvam, National Insurance officer Sridhar and Regional Transport Officer S. Nithianathan delivered special lectures. The booklet has been prepared on the guidelines sent by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to all States and Union Territories.