Staff Reporter

TIRUCHI: Aided by high resolution satellite-based pictures taken after the floods in the Tiruchi region, the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geosciences, Bharathidasan University, has identified two faults, one near the Upper Anicut and the other near the Grand Anicut.

The observations point to the two major faults continuing from Pondicherry in the northeast to the Kambam valley in the southwest along Tiruchi.

There is more to flooding of the Tiruchi region than sand choking in the riverbeds, sand mining and encroachments, said SM. Ramasamy, Director of the Centre.

Though these factors need to be looked into, only detailed studies of the dynamics between the earth, the river flow systems and the basic tutoring factor for floods will provide proper remedy.

Confined to the faults, the "mega eyed drainage" formed by the splitting of the river in the south of the Upper Anicut and rejoining in the Grand Anicut, with Srirangam in between is unusual since the river, having neared the coastal zone, can branch off.