K. Manikandan

Residents near Tambaram angered by erratic supply

Uninterrupted power supply at least during the examination season sought Chitlapakkam residents fear the worst is yet to come with summer round the corner

TAMBARAM: Students of standards X and XII from colonies near Tambaram are literally burning the midnight oil. With frequent power breakdowns in the dead of the night, the students who are preparing for their public examinations have been relying on lamps.

Residents of Thirumagal Nagar of Chitlapakkam Panchayat and Mahalakshmi Nagar of Sembakkam Panchayat and nearby areas located in Tambaram Municipality have for long been complaining of low voltage, fluctuation and occasional disruptions in power supply. The problems have worsened in the past two weeks, particularly after the plus two public examinations began.

According to Arun Chandran, a resident of Chitlapakkam, power supply to their locality was severed regularly between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. in the past couple of weeks. Stating that apart from losing out on a few precious hours of final revision during the night, the students also felt tired the next morning due to lack of sleep. He said despite frantic appeals from several residents to officials, there has been no improvement.

"All we ask the Electricity Board is uninterrupted power supply at least during the exam season," Mr. Chandran said. Apart from these two residential areas, several families living nearby which come under the jurisdiction of the Nehru Nagar sub division of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board have been complaining of erratic supply and severe problems in the evenings caused due to voltage fluctuation.

Members of various residents welfare associations in Chitlapakkam area feared the worst was yet to come with the peak of summer still about a month away. According to them, the main source of power was from the Kadaperi station and the supply lines reached their localities after passing through Sanatorium, and Chromepet. And the worst affected places were in the tail-end areas of supply from the Kadaperi station. Though there were about twenty transformers in different places of the sub-division, the output was poor as incoming supply was bare minimum, the residents said.

They said as there were about 20,000 households in the Nehru Nagar sub-division, the permanent solution to the problem was in installing a sub-station here. According to residents, the proposal for a sub-station has been pending for long.