Close schools

by March

With summer ahead and the election fever on, it will be better if all schools close by the end of March. A full two-month vacation will give ample rest to young minds, nowadays under severe stress with loads of schoolwork and virtually no play. Many schools make children and teachers work even in April. While the Class X exams are to begin on March 25, why prolong the exams for the other classes?

R. Karpagam,


Missing crowd

Take your pet to the Coimbatore Veterinary Hospital and you'll find it almost empty. The crowd here two years ago is missing because all Government doctors have opened posh private clinics in Saibaba Colony and Gandhipuram. Pet owners are asked to bring their pets to these clinics for good treatment. They point out to unhygienic surrounding and poor infrastructure in the Hospital. Will the authorities help the Hospital regains its glory?


Saibaba Colony.

Erratic supply

The consumers of Aavin milk in Ramnagar area have been facing erratic and untimely supply for the last two months. Infants, patients, elders and students who prepare for their exams suffer. Areas nearby such as Tatabad and Saibaba Colony receive milk in the early hours, but Ramnagar and areas nearby receive it anytime between 6.30 a.m. and 9 a.m. The booth operators attribute the delay to the non-arrival of supply vehicle. Will the Co-operative Milk Union look into this.

S. Venkatesan,


Reconsider decision

The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is the best investment scheme for the middle and the lower middle class, as it earns eight per cent interest and a 10 per cent bonus on maturity. The Government stopped 10 per cent bonus on maturity with effect from February 2006. Those eager to choose this scheme are disappointed. I hope the Government reconsiders the decision.

A. Shanmugham,

R.S. Puram.

Election phobia

As per law, political parties should not write on walls of houses without the permission of the owners. But, can any house owner object to this and live in peace?

K.K. Lakshmanan,

Tiruchi Road.

Fatal attraction

I see a lot of motorcycle riders, especially youngsters, fitting modified silencers to the vehicles that really make a lot of noise and are a source of attraction. The roaring noise tempts the riders to raise the speed even in crowded areas leading to accidents.

The City Traffic Police should ban such silencers.

Anuradha Sivanesh,


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