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Petitioner says he is intimidating and defaming witnesses

Plea alleges threatening phone calls being made to petitioner's houseAsks court to restrain Chaturvedi from giving media interviewsJudge posts matter for hearing to Wednesday

CHENNAI: A petition seeking to cancel the bail granted to S.A.R Prasanna Venkatachariya Chaturvedi, which was been filed in the Madras High Court on the ground that he was intimidating and defaming the witnesses, was adjourned to March 13. This was because the court notice was yet to be served on Mr. Chaturvedi.

The petition referred to threatening telephone calls and printed booklets being thrown into her house by some unknown persons, besides a series of media interviews by Mr. Chaturvedi, Sivagama Sundari said: "I apprehend that Mr. Chaturvedi will harm me and my family members, and I fear for my life and that of my family members... His aim is to threaten us, thereby preventing us from pursuing the case... He will seriously hamper the trial by speaking scurrilously about me, my husband and my children and trying to build up an opinion against us. Unless the bail granted to him is cancelled he will continue with his activity of speaking scurrilously about us and threatening us from being witnesses in the case." Her husband was the first to file a kidnap complaint against Mr. Chaturvedi.

She said the main case against Mr. Chaturvedi was now posted before the Mahila Court for trial, and added that the accused was "creating a hostile atmosphere" for her and other members of her family through "utterances and veiled threats to prevent us from deposing before the trial court." Claiming that she and her minor daughter were subjected to torture and sexual harassment by Mr. Chaturvedi, the petitioner said that due to the nature of the offence, the deposition of her daughter and herself was recorded by the judge in in-camera proceedings. "We have come forward to give this complaint with great difficulty. If Mr. Chaturvedi continues with such threats, it will defeat the purpose of this case," Ms. Sundari submitted.

On the media interviews and reports attributed to Mr. Chaturvedi, the petitioner said it would amount to "obstructing the course of justice" and that he should be restrained from doing so any further.

Besides seeking cancellation of bail, she prayed for an injunction restraining Mr. Chaturvedi from giving media interviews in the matter.

Justice M. Jeyapaul has issued notices and posted the matter to Wednesday.