Anasuya Menon

PFA to rope in NRIs, public

Establish shelters for stray dogsChildren too can sponsor animal foodInstil a sense of kindness towards animals

COIMBATORE: Next time you throw away a scrap of leftover bread, remember, you could be feeding a poor hungry puppy. The People For Animals (PFA) has planned a programme called the "Compassionate Citizens Concept" through which school children are encouraged to sponsor a pet.

While most people complain of stray dogs prowling the streets, not all of them attack, points out Nalini Shanmugham, secretary of PFA. Most of them are docile, she adds. The problem of stray dogs can be tackled by encouraging animal lovers to establish satellite shelters for dogs.

"If an animal lover having a farmland or a plot of land and is willing to take care of at least ten dogs, the issue can be addressed," she says.

And, if there are many such satellite shelters, children who do not have enough space in their own homes to have a pet can sponsor one at a satellite shelter.

"This will be an ideal way to instil a sense of kindness towards animals in them," says Ms. Nalini. Children can sponsor the animal's food, she says.

Though the organisation has only started streamlining its activities in Coimbatore, it is extremely optimistic about creating good results, especially regarding the stray dog menace. It has a shelter for dogs and cats in the city, which has been donated by a private party. But, only ten to 15 animals can be accommodated at a time. The organisation has been trying to rope in NRIs and the general public to take an interest in this matter. "An industrialist at Komarapalayam has agreed to extend support by establishing a satellite shelter for dogs," Ms. Nalini says.

Since looking after larger animals requires a lot of resources, PFA is currently involved only with smaller animals such as dogs and cats, she points out.