Staff Reporter

Chennai: This summer, nearly everyone is focussed on the Assembly elections. For those who are bored with political battles, though, veteran humorist and stage personality `Crazy' Mohan is presenting a week of comedy that culminates on the eve of voting day.

From April 29 to May 6, Mohan's "Crazy Creations" banner is presenting a retrospective of eight plays at Rani Seethai Hall, beginning with "Meesai Analum Manaivi" and ending with "Crazy Kishkinta." The string of dramas enacted by the group of artists who include `Madhu' Balaji, Ramesh, Cheenu and Chama and directed by S.B. Kanthan have large repeat audiences whenever they are staged.

On May 7, Mohan will be felicitated for winning the "Kalaimamani" award and a DVD of his play "Meesai Analum Manaivi" will be released.

The plays to be staged are "Jurassic Baby", "Marriage Made in Saloon", "Madhu +2", "Mathil Mel Madhu", "Crazy Ghost" and "Allavudinum 100 Watts Bulbum."