A.V. Ragunathan

CUDDALORE: Here comes another set of promises. This time it is from an Independent candidate. Free colour cell phones with free connectivity, laptops to computer literates and one lamb to every household. Though sounds attractive, the offer seems practically impossible to implement.

Durai Ramachandran, who has done some comedy roles and is the editor of the monthly cine magazine "Roja," has come out with the promises to woo the voters. He is contesting from the Vriddhachalam constituency. Once the lambs grow up and give birth, its litters should be handed over to him to be distributed to the needy, he said.

Mr. Durai Ramachandran feels that through these measures poverty could be eradicated and rural economy could get a boost. He has got a grouse against Vijayakant, founder of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam, as the latter always looks down upon presspersons and never develops cordial relations with them.

When recognised political parties, in a bid to outdo each other, come out with freebies evoking a heated debate on the feasibility, some of the Independents do not want to lag behind the major parties in offering such promises.

Obviously people are not ready to bite the baits that come in their way, before mulling the implications. Sociologists are of the view that in the long run collective efforts and contributions would lead to cherished goals, and not the allurements.