In the name of offering extra comfort and service, most of the mofussil buses are fixed with video players and film/film songs are telecast during journeys.

On many occasions, the films chosen are not of a good standard and public travelling with family encounter embarrassing situations by viewing such films.

The passengers do not have any say in selecting the films. For practical reasons, transport managements also cannot have a control over the choice of the programmes.

In private buses, the situation is worse as violence, thriller, `adults only' movies are often selected and unlike in houses the passengers are fixed to view such films.

Commuters may be of different categories from babies to elderly and family people and they may like to have a calm and pleasant journey.

Is it fair on the part of the managements of government and private buses to mar the peaceful atmosphere while travelling in buses?

T. Srinivasa Rengan,


Evolve new mechanism

This is with reference to a news item appeared in The Hindu on April 15, 2006 on the regulations to be complied with by those who browse Internet in public cafes.

The new rules, according to which one has to establish his identity by producing one's PAN card or Electors' Photo Identity Card, etc. before one begins browsing in a centre, are not reasonable.

Moreover, a browser should be photographed by a web camera is not agreeable. In this connection, it should be mentioned that not every one owns a computer and also not every one who has a computer has got an Internet connection.

Generally, poor jobseekers and those from rural areas who are nowadays required to send their curriculum vitae through e-mail have to access Internet at browsing centres only.

For instant communication with relatives overseas and others in far off places, this Internet facility is unquestionably a boon.

Hence, a mechanism should be evolved that will cause less annoyance to Internet-users.

V. Krishnamoorthy,