S.S. Kavitha

Four students of Sivakasi college design bed AC for a single person

Madurai: Air conditioners have become more of a necessity and less of an indulgence as the mercury scales new heights in summer. But in a country like India, not all can afford an air conditioner.

To suit the climate and the people's affordability, four students of Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, have designed a compact bed air conditioner for a single person.

R.B. Arun Mohan, A. Subramanian, K. Tharsan and V. Xavier Arokkiaraj, final year (BE) Mechanical Engineering students, said that the bed-type AC might be a solution for the hot climate. The air-conditioner is of 0.3 tonnage and its power consumption is 120 watts, which would be very economical for middle class people.

As the sole aim and theme of the project is to provide maximum comfort with minimum power consumption, the students have used scrap materials from various refrigeration service centres in Sivakasi.

"Since we have used scrap materials such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary tube, etc., the cost of the unit would come around Rs.3,700," they said.

The wooden box-like structure, measuring two metres in length, one metre in width and one metre in height, could be placed atop a cot.

If it is placed vertically with glasses, the AC could be used in STD booths, ATM centres, computer cabins and traffic police cabins. Since it is portable, the bed-AC can be also used in military camps while treating injured soldiers.

The students are planning to get patent for the project work through Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The students were guided by S. Sambath, lecturer, and M. Ramakrsihnan, Scientist (Battery Division), Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi, in the project.