Special Correspondent

VELLORE: All children up to five years of age are to be administered oral polio drops during the pulse polio programme to be undertaken in 2096 immunisation centres in Vellore district 1869 in rural areas and 227 in urban areas on April 9 and May 21.

Collector S. Gopalakrishnan said in a release that over 4,00,101 children were immunised in October 2004, 4,09,000 children in November 2004 and 4,18,042 children in April 2005. A total of 9512 persons including health and nutritious meal scheme department staff and volunteers of non-governmental organisations would be involved in the programme on April 9 and May 21. Besides, 323 supervisors would be overseeing the implementation of the programme. One hundred and forty vehicles would be pressed into service.

The immunisation centres include nutritious meal centres, primary health centres, health sub-centres, government hospitals, schools, bus stands, railway stations, shandies and other areas where public congregate for festivals.

Special efforts would be made to implement the programme in the tribal areas, slum areas in towns and areas lacking in transport facilities.