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Besides academics, focus on fine arts, yoga and kalaripayattu

Study of comparative religion to be a major subjectForeign languages like French and Spanish to be taught

CHENNAI: "Samvo Manamsi Jnanatam" with our minds put together may we understand. This is the motto of a new residential school in Sadum at Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, started by the Satsang Trust.

Mumtaz Ali, its founder, spoke to mediapersons about the school on Friday. "The roots of the Peepal Grove School lie in true learning, and the school seeks to sow the seeds of understanding through learning." Peepal Grove school opens on June 15 and admissions are open for classes IV to VII following the ICSE syllabus.

Mumtaz Ali, who has been associated with the Ramakrishna Mission and the Krishnamurti Foundation, which mentors the Rishi Valley School, said that besides academics, the learning will focus on spoken Sanskrit and foreign languages such as French and Spanish, besides Telugu and Hindi. Study of comparative religion and theory of knowledge will be a major focus.

Co-curricular activities included performing and fine arts, sports, yoga, meditation and kalaripayattu, to develop both body and mind.

Ms. Sunanda Ali will be the Director Academics. Dr. Janet Christiansen from the United States, is the school's Chief Medical Officer. The education fee including boarding is Rs. 1 lakh a year. Website: