Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: P. Sivanandi, who was downgraded as Superintendent of Police by the State Government following a Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) order quashing his Select List for IPS, has challenged the decision in the Madras High Court. The Select List for 1994-95 was quashed by the CAT on May 5, and the State Government downgraded Mr. Sivanandi, who was Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Intelligence), as Superintendent of Police on May 15.

In his petition, the official said the CAT passed the order for a limited purpose of drawing the Select List for 1994-95 by redoing the List. Maintaining that the Government of India alone had the jurisdiction to revise the seniority of officials, the petitioner said the State Government has gone two steps ahead in demoting him. An IPS officer was appointed by the President, and the State Government could not usurp the powers of the President.

If the CAT orders were to be accepted, the Union Public Service Commission and the State Government must convene the Select Committee to re-do the list for 1994-95. Pointing out that no such committee had been convened so far, Mr. Sivanandi said mere quashing of the Select List could not lead to his demotion unless the List was re-done.

He said no rule had been followed by the State Government, and prayed for the quashing of the May 5 order of the CAT and the consequential proceedings initiated by the State Government.