Science and technology proved to be an effective tool in eliminating violence or untoward incident in the current elections. The conduct of election could be incident-free because of preparatory measures taken by the police and officials through the application of science and technology. The digital videographing of each and every voter, for instance, at booths identified as `sensitive' or 'hypersensitive' should have created a sense of fear among trouble-shooters and law-breakers, as the scientific documentation of the polling process stood for a valid and crystal-clear evidence. Based on the past history of the booths, where violations such as impersonation or other skirmishes had been reported, the police identified more than 150 booths in Perambalur district as `sensitive' or `hypersensitive.' Voters of these sensitive booths had to undergo a different process. After getting the indelible ink on the finger, they stood for a while to be videographed before getting towards the EVM.

What is more interesting is that although the process was implemented at only one particular sensitive booth among the five or six booths in a school, the presence of the videographer disciplined the poll process on the entire campus. Police officials on bandbobust duty were seen a bit relaxed, free from stress.

in Tiruchi