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For disobeying court order on a case related to a schoolteacher

MADURAI: "What will be the fate of a citizen in particular and the society in general if the judicial orders passed by a court of law are not implemented by the Executive of the State," asked Justice Makena Eswara Narasimha Patrudu while allowing a writ petition moved by a part-time Government schoolteacher from Kanyakumari district, whose service has not been regularised and who has also been denied salary despite court orders.

"Time and again, quite often, this court is noticing the lethargic attitude of some of the officials of the State in court cases. They do not file counter in time. They do not instruct Government advocates promptly. They do not attend court. Finally, they do not implement the orders.

"Thus, a situation has arisen to either check the malfunctioning or stop issuing orders... " the judge said.