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Only 15 experts in the city qualified in the field

Dental problems had to be treated according to the psychological behaviour of children Two-day postgraduate convention to concentrate on cavity prevention, importance of milk teeth

CHENNAI: There are only 15 practising paediatric dentists and academicians in the city, to take care of the dental problems of young children.

Paediatric dentists say their speciality lacks recognition despite its importance in the identification and treatment of children's dental problems, which if left untreated, may have permanent effects as they grow up.

Government medical colleges and hospitals do not have a paediatric dentistry facility. A three-year postgraduate programme was only recently been started in four private medical colleges, they added.

Doctors from the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry said the field gets only about 10 medical students every year in the city, which is grossly inadequate considering the number of children.

Awareness among students

To create awareness among postgraduate students, the Society has organised a two-day postgraduate convention from June 24 at Hotel Green Park, Vadapalani.

A. Ponnudurai, the organising chairman, said that it was the first of its kind in the city and would impart education on cavity prevention and importance of milk teeth. Paediatric dentistry was significant, as dental problems had to be treated according to the psychological behaviour of children.

The convention would have about 250 faculty members and students from various colleges in the country. Of the eight speakers, three would be from Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong, Mr. Ponnudurai said.

M.S. Muthu of the Society's scientific committee said students would get to know about th new technology in root canal treatment in milk teeth on Sunday at a workshop. They would also attend a forum with specialists in fields such as paediatric cardiology and paediatric nephrology.

V. Rathna Prabhu, the convention's organising secretary, said awareness was needed about the emerging field and the importance of the milk teeth among parents to prevent dental complications in adulthood.