Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: A human chain consisting of school students and officials was formed starting from the Collector's Camp Office to the clock tower at the Old Town here to mark the `Child Labour Abolition Day' on Monday.

District Collector Gagandeep Singh Bedi, MLA G. Iyyappan, Municipal Chairman A.G. Rajendran, Municipal Commissioner C. Chellappan, Chief Educational Officer M.C. Balamani, District Educational Officer Vasantha Mallika and others participated.

On the occasion, the students took an oath to protect the rights of children and to abolish child labour. Mr. Bedi said those employers found violating the rules by employing children less than 14 years of age would be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000.

As per last year statistics, there were 37 child labourers in the district. Garages and hotels, where child labour was prevalent, were put under the scan. Those who found child labour in any other organisations could convey the message over: 230651, 223924 and 221764, he said. St. Anne's school, St. Mary's school, St. Philomena school, and Government and Municipal schools partook.