This has reference to the article ‘His heart goes out to road accident victims’ (‘Personality of the week’, April 13) on S. Suresh, founder of the Youth Task Force.

Suresh, an electrical and electronics engineer and a many-splendoured personality, has committed his life to saving lives on the road.

He has rightly emphasised the need to install a rear view mirror on the vehicle.

The case of a girl who had to undergo facial surgery at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh, which he narrated, following a bike accident because of brake failure should be an eye-opener to all.

T.N. Arthnari,



Exemplary punishment should be awarded to those who indulge in ragging.

Educational institutions should not hesitate to take stringent action against the culprits.

G.N. Devaraj,


Pension payment

After centralisation of payment of pension/family pension to Central Government/family pensioners by State Bank of India (SBI), there is inordinate delay on the part of the Centralised Pension Processing Centre (CPPC), Chennai, in crediting the amount of arrears to the respective pension accounts of the pensioners which ought to be paid because of the implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations.

The arrears, which should have been paid before November 2008, have not yet been paid to many pensioners.

All India Association of Central Govt. Pensioners has also come across a case relating to one of the branches of SBI in the Nilgiris district in which payment of family pension to the spouse of a deceased pensioner has been unduly delayed by the CPPC, Chennai, for more than seven months though all relevant documents have been submitted.

According to the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, family pension to the spouse of a deceased pensioner should be granted by the pension disbursing authority immediately on receipt of the death certificate in respect of the pensioner from the spouse of the pensioner.

P. Nanjan,

General Secretary, All India Association of Central Govt. Pensioners, Nilgiris.

Courteous and efficient

I had a pleasant experience in the Regional Transport Office, South, Coimbatore (Peelamedu), when I went there recently to have my driving licence renewed.

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO) asked those sitting in front of the cash counters whether they had any problems or faced delay.

I saw him sitting in the Public Relations Officer’s seat and guiding people.

The RTO was simplicity and courtesy personified.

The staff were also courteous and quick.

My driving licence was renewed and a new one was given to me in 45 minutes.

N. Sundaram,

Coimbatore. Recently I had gone to the RTO (Central office) to have my driving licence renewed. I had a very pleasant experience there.

The staff at the counters were courteous. Women were given priority.

There were only four to five computers in the counters out of which only three were working. They were painfully slow.

The shed where people stand in queue does not provide protection from rain or sun to the people.

In spite of all these constraints if the RTO is run efficiently the credit should go to the staff there.

K. Gopal,


Save water

Water level in Siruvani is very low. Drinking water to the city is released at night – from 2.30 a.m. to 7 a.m. the time when most people are asleep.

Most people preserve water in cement (underground) tanks. In the morning we see gallons of water flowing waste.

I suggest that water is released from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. when people will be awake. This will save water from going waste.

J.P. Jacob,

Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to with address and phone number)