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Value education should be incorporated in the curriculum Value education should be incorporated in the curriculum

COIMBATORE: Value education should be incorporated in the curriculum, said Albert Selvanayagam, Head, Life Scoping Skills Department, Bangalore Community College.

Human Rights

Inaugurating a seminar on `Human Rights and Values in Education,' at the Nirmala College for Women here on Friday, he exhorted the faculty members to integrate core values into the teaching of history and economics.

No extra time

Teachers should integrate values with the subject matter and have interactive sessions with the students.

They need not spend extra time on this, as it could well be included in the timetable, he observed.

He wanted the students to internalise the concepts explained at the seminar and organise workshops and seminars on value education in college.

Community involvement was very important and the youth should be made aware of the need to feel responsible towards society, he explained.

Decorative element

"Value education should not be just a decorative element in the college's prospectus," he said.


Organised by the Department of Economics and P.G and Research Department of History and Tourism, the two-day seminar would cover paper presentations and talks by several experts in the area.