Normally the State Government publicises the reshuffle of bureaucrats through newspapers.

There were occasions when newspapers were alerted by the Information Department about the change of officers, even before the arrival of press releases.

Suddenly the Government has decided to stop giving information to newspapers about transfer of officers.

Quite a few IAS and IPS officers were transferred in the last two weeks. But there was no information to newspapers from the Information Department. When contacted, department officials said that they did not get the notification from the Public Department.

Most surprisingly, the posting of a new director for Information Department on Wednesday was not informed to the Press, though the official is the bridge between the Government and the Press. A senior IAS officer justified the Government decision and said there was no need to publicise it.

If the public wanted to make any representations, they could hand over them to department. It was the department that mattered and not the person in charge of it, he added.

S. Vydhianathan