Parking lot

Aurorickshaw drivers are using every inch of vacant space near road junctions and streets to park their vehicles, leaving little space for other vehicles, particularly two wheelers.

A good example is the stretch behind the College House on West Perumal Maistry Street. There are three or four restaurants along the stretch behind the College House, besides its own.

Visitors coming by two-wheelers to this area find no space for parking their vehicles. The police should earmark sufficient area exclusively for two-wheeler parking.

R.R. Raghavendran,


Incomplete work

The work on laying water pipeline at the side of the Bye Pass Road has been going on lethargically for the past one year. Huge pipes are placed, obstructing movement of pedestrians.

Two months ago, two big trenches were dug close to Sringeri Mutt and the work has not been undertaken so far. Devotees going to the mutt suffer a lot because of it.

The trenches look like a trap for elders and children. Will the authorities concerned look into this matter?

V.S. Sankaran,


Animal birth control

The Corporation has taken up animal birth control programme, initiated by the Animal Welfare Board of India, to bring down the birth rate of community dogs. It is indeed a welcome step!

To extend this plan to areas in the periphery of the Corporation, it is expected that the Animal Welfare Board should sensitise the local bodies concerned.

The matter gains urgency in view of the fact that in Indian Bank Colony (Narayanapuram) and Vasu Nagar under the Naganakulam Panchayat, there is, of late, a steady increase in the number of street dogs.

They roam on streets freely, posing a threat to pedestrians. Moreover, school going children are scared, when these dogs snarl at them.

Since the birth control programme for street dogs has resulted not only in the reduction of the birth rate but also in rabies in Chennai, it is hoped the Naganakulam Panchayat will also implement it soon.

V. Krishnamoorthy,