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Playback singer Harini has sung for it

CHENNAI: Chennai based Pebbles Infotainmenthas launched a two-volume CD on Tamil songs, titled `Kuttipappa Paadalgal' for children aged 3-5 years. Tamil playback singer Harini has sung for it. The CDs contain Tamil songs on moral values, wisdom and are presented with lively music, animation and cartoons.

CD content

Pebbles has selected popular nursery school rhymes and subjects on the alphabets, names of fruits, vegetables, etc. The first volume has the basics of Tamil alphabet, names, visuals and introduction on birds, animals, vegetables and fruits; teaching children how to tell time, environment lessons, virtues of patriotism and the importance of good habits.

Popular songs

Some of the popular Tamil songs presented in the CD include: Sittukkuruvi, Thosaiyamma, Tamil alphabets, Kadamuda vandi, Bharathiyar's Oodi Vilaiyadu Paappa, Pattampoochi, Kokkarakko and Eliyare. The second volume of the CD contains 30 rhymes and songs that children can easily pick up, accompanied by animations.

Priced at Rs.99 each, the CDs are available at all leading bookstores and can be played in VCD, DVD players and computers.

For details, call 4214 8722.