S.R. Ashok Kumar

Jailani hopes to complete shooting of his film '?' in 10 days

CHENNAI: The government's announcement that Tamil films with Tamil names will be exempted from entertainment tax net has spurred many production houses to change the names of their films.

Even `Jillinu oru Kaadal' became `Chillunu oru kaadal'. `Something ... Something Unakkum Enakkum' became merely `Unakkum Enakkum'.

But then there is something even more interesting now.

A joint production by Eighteenth Cross pictures-M.T. Productions have named their new venture `?'.

But for the record (and for registration) the proposed film is named `Kelvi Kuri.'

The movie's producer Jailani, after completing his computer education, went to the U.S., but his dream was to make movies.

He joined French director Al Nigreen and worked as an associate on seven films before starting out on his own.

Jailani came back to his hometown, Chennai, to start on his first Tamil movie.

`?' is a thriller about a person who sneaks into the house of a police officer and takes the entire family hostage.

Jailani as producer and director hopes to complete shooting in ten days; he is now working on the script.

It has no songs, and Sathyaprasath will take care of the background score.

Jailani is also the hero in the film and is paired opposite Preeti Varma and Sona. K.V. Mani handles camera.