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Defence to take in more cadets

  • Proposal to increase ratio from present 17.5 per cent to at least 33 per cent in next five years
  • Budgetary allocation for NCC increased by 21 per cent to Rs. 400 crore
  • Proposed NCC Nagars to house integrated training facilities for cadets

    CHENNAI: The National Cadet Corps (NCC) has drawn up strategies to raise the ratio of girls across its 17 Directorates in the country from the present 17.5 per cent.

    The Director-General of NCC, Lt. General M.C. Bhandari, who was in Chennai recently, said it is proposed to increase the ratio of girl cadets (which is 24 per cent in Tamil Nadu) to at least 33 per cent in the next five years and around 50 per cent over the next decade.

    An estimated 5,000 schools and colleges are wait-listed at present to join the 14,000 institutions that have active NCC units. "However, the proportional representation of eligible students in the 13-26 age group is still only 4 per cent and we target to phasedly raise this to at least 40 per cent in the next few years," said Mr. Bhandari.

    Among the major moves expected to give a fillip to the NCC as a national movement was the agreement of the Defence services to increase the ratio of intake of cadets into the Army, Navy and Air Force.

    The decision was in accordance to the proposal advanced by the 42nd meeting of the NCC Central Advisory Committee in April this year. Another proposed programme was establishment of NCC Nagars.