Unclean surroundings

The south side of the Vengeeswarar temple at Vadapalani is like an open toilet, and the stench is horrible. Moreover, dogs and cats move freely inside the temple. I request the authorities concerned to look into it and take remedial action quickly.

K. Ravi


Chaotic intersection

The junction where Lloyds Road, Royapettah High Road and Masilamani Road (from Balaji Nagar) meet is nothing short of chaotic. Pedestrians as well as motorists do not observe any road discipline. There is a pressing need for a traffic policeman to be posted here, lest there should be fatal accidents. I request the authorities to take immediate steps.

H. Madhusudhan


More bus routes needed

Residents of Nanganallur face an acute transport problem. The existing buses are not adequate and the drivers are not sticking to the time schedule. To overcome the problem, MTC can station a depot manager at Nanganallur terminus; it can convert the existing 52M as a circular route (Nanganallur-Pazhavanthangal-Ashok Pillar-Panagal Park-Saidapet-Adambakkam-Anjaneyar Temple-Nanganallur); it can introduce new routes connecting Nanganallur with Besant Nagar & Nanganallur with Koyambedu, and can extend M21G up to Nanganallur.

On behalf of the general public, I request the MTC authorities to take early action.

S. Raghavan


Over crowding in electric trains

The Chennai Beach and Tambaram suburban section was converted to broad gauge to accommodate more passengers.

Yet, the perennial problem of overcrowding continues.

In the earlier MG system, there were train-turnback arrangements during peak-hours at Saidapet, Guindy, St. Thomas Mount and Pallavaram to enable commuters to get into trains at intermediate stations. By this arrangement, trains from Beach would be stopped at these stations and turned back to Chennai Beach to increase the frequency. This served to reduce overcrowding to some extent during peak hours. I request the authorities to re-introduce the system as this will go a long way towards reducing overcrowding.

M. Thiyagarajan


The neglect of

North Chennai

This refers to the news "North Chennai gets Rs. 217 crore". If one goes into details of the proposal, most of the funds go only to Central, South Chennai and border areas. Out of five overbridges proposed, the one at Villivakkam, though it comes in North Chennai constituency, is actually bordering South Chennai. A subway has been proposed for Korukkupet, which is the only area that comes under North Chennai. But a subway in that stretch will be of no use during the rainy season, since it is a low-lying area which is likely to face waterlogging.

Apart from this, no area is covered after Mint Junction, which actually falls under North Chennai, consisting of poor people. Railway gate near Stanley Hospital has been left unattended for decades. While basic facilities like overbridges and subways are coming up in and around Central and South Chennai, no attention is being given even to road lighting in North Chennai. After Tiruvottiyur, there are no proper road lights either towards MFL Junction or towards Ennore, where numerous factories are located. North Chennai is a revenue-generating area, but appears to be neglected by the authorities.

Everyone knows that Tiruvottiyur High Road is very congested. The construction of a one-way overbridge from Washermanpet to Tiruvottiyur, besides widening of the existing road, will give great relief to North Chennai people. Apart from this, road lighting and maintenance should be given proper attention by the Government. This will certainly reduce the risk of those on the road after Ernavoor Bridge.

Before the rainy season starts, the Government should undertake to desilt the canals, like the one nearby MFL junction and Sadayankuppam, besides raising bunds, so that major damage can be prevented.

Will the Government avoid step-motherly treatment to North Chennai and see that at least basic amenities like smooth roads, roadlights, usable drains etc. are ensured.

N. Prabhavathi

Manali New Town

Bus stop at

`Dhina Thanthi'

LSS buses plying on Poonamalle High Road are not being stopped at the "Dhina Thanthi" stop, near Egmore Railway Station, which is convenient for commuters/passengers entraining at Egmore Station to get to destinations such as Trichy, Madurai etc. The authorities are requested to arrange for stoppage of all LSS stop buses passing through "Dina Thanthi" on Poonamalle High Road for the convenience of passengers who travel by train towards southern destinations.

G. Sujatha,


Improvement of water supply

Supply of drinking water is a major civic responsibility. The municipal administration and water supply department's policy note on water supply for the year 2001-2002 specifies the town panchayat supply norm as 70 litres per capita per day. Depending upon the levels of water supply available, the town panchayats are classified into three categories viz good, average and poor.

The population of Chitlapakkam town panchayat as per 2001 census is 25292, whereas the actual population is above 50000.

The daily supply of water to Chitlapakkam town panchayat as per 2001 census figure should be 18 lakh litres per day as specified in the policy note. If the supply is as per actual population, it should be a minimum 35 lakh litres per day.

TWAD Board supplies daily 9 lakh litres or less to Chitlapakkam town panchayat, which is 36 litres per capita per day as per census figure. This makes Chitlapakkam town panchayat a poor water supply town panchayat.

Secondly, Chitlapakkam town panchayat has around 8500 houses. The town panchayat has provided only 2450 Palar water house connections.

Only 29 per cent of the houses are provided with house connections. The remaining 71 per cent have not been provided with Palar water connections and they have to depend only on street taps putting the residents to untold hardships.

Thirdly, the town panchayat has only two overhead tanks, one with 4 lakh litre and another with 5 lakh litre capacity.

The TWAD Board and the Chitlapakkam town panchayat have not increased the storage capacity by constructing additional overhead tanks. If the Board is to increase supply of water to 18 lakh litres minimum two overhead tank each with five lakh litres capacity is must.

We request the government to take effective steps to improve the water supply.

P. Viswanathan,


Chitlappakkam Residents' Welfare Association.

Prevent garbage burning

Opposite SN Guru Flats, 24/164, Kaliamman Koil Street, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092 where I presently reside (Flat No.G-7), there is a vast vacant unlevelled plot where garbage is dumped and remains uncleared for weeks together. The garbage is burnt frequently and the smoke causes breathing problems for residents as well as passers by on this busy road.

Adjacent to the vacant plot is Yadaval Street-Main Road and Cross Roads and garbage is also dumped along the compound walls of the houses. This garbage is also burnt frequently. There is a cinema theatre on Yadaval Street and two/three tea shops are also located nearby. Dustbins are not provided on the roads. The authorities are requested to take remedial steps to prevent burning of the garbage.

N. Srinivasan,


No supply of blank paper ticket forms

"Korattur," once a small flag station on Madras-Tiruvallur section, has developed into a full-fledged station with scores of commuters and season-ticket-holders.

The other day, I travelled from Korattur to Urapakkam, another fast growing station on the Tambaram-Chengalpattu section. When I asked for two tickets to Urapakkam, the clerk-incharge told me that he could issue tickets only up to Tambaram via Madras Beach. When insisted, he told me that no blank ticket forms are supplied to that station and hence he was helpless. I am aged 74 and my wife 68 and we were travelling alone.

I had to get down at Tambaram station, purchase tickets from the counter outside the station, climbing all the 40 odd-steps and proceed to Urapakkam. For a difference of Re.1/- in the original fare I had to shell out Rs. 4+4= Rs.8/- for no fault of mine, besides being subject to the strain of climbing the steps. I understand it is the same story at Urapakkam station also.

Will the commercial department of the railways look into this and arrange to supply blank ticket forms to the stations as they are frequented by a large number of travellers. The Railway Minister Sri Lalu Prasad, had earned a good name from short-distance travelling public, by reducing ticket prices. The Railways should follow in his footsteps in helping the middle class and lower middle class people.

K. Ramaswamy,


More public toilets, please

Gopathy Narayanaswamy Road, T.Nagar, has been main thoroughfare connecting Anna Salai and T. Nagar, used by thousands of people and vehicles. But all through the year, people living there use the entire stretch of 1.5 km from the Congress office backyard to the school for the blind, adjacent to Anna flyover, as a fullfledged toilet.

The unwary 2 and 4 wheeler drivers, ride on the human waste. The street, which is broad at one end narrows down nearer the slum. Despite the construction of houses by the Slum Clearance Board and a latrine for general use, many choose only the open yard by the roadside. A few more public toilets are required here.

N. Vijayaraghavan,


Where is the wedding hall?

There are three public spaces earmarked here for a park, playground and wedding hall, and the park and playground have been safeguarded and used by the public.

The land earmarked for a wedding hall on the Ist Main Road, of Senthil Nagar, Kolathur, has been lying in a unusble condition with garbage, building materials dumped all over with a half built compound wall and litigation going on, because of the lethargic attitude of the local Corporation officials. The Local Administration Minister, who was earlier Mayor of Chennai Corporation, has sanctioned funds for the development of this public space but it has gone down the drains due to the lethargic attitude of the officials.

G. Aby Varghese


LPG ordeal

Indian Oil Corporation has fixed a time limit of 21 days for the supply of LPG cylinders for domestic use of families. When one cylinder is supplied, we have to wait for 21 days to book another.

But when we approach the gas agency, they want another 10 days to effect supply.

The reason given is "inadequate supply of cylinders by the I.O.C. to the gas agency".

This 31 days delay in supply of cylinders is causing much suffering to families.

Because of this, though I have 2 cylinders in my name, one is kept empty all the time. To avoid this suffering, I.O.C. is requested to reduce the 21-day wait to 15 days or scrap it altogether as they did a few year back.

N. Sam Sundar,


Delay in issue of ration card

I had applied for a ration card on February 21, 2006 at the ration office in Tambaram (Receipt No. NC-193602/06).

Alongwith the application, I enclosed the ration card surrender certificate obtained from New Delhi from where I came to Chennai to settle down after retirement.

Till now, I have not been issued the ration card, despite scores of personal visits and telephonic calls to the officer concerned. In the absence of a ration card I feel handicapped as its possession is insisted upon as proof of residence.

As a senior citizen, I find it quote tiresome to travel from Velachery to the Tambaram ration office (28 km to & fro) every now and then, only to be told to contact them after a fortnight.

It defeats comprehension why there should be so much delay in issuing a ration card. I am tempted to feel that if I had applied for a bogus ration card, I could have got it quite a long time ago!


K. Sundaram,


Railway should

get it right

As per the rules published in the Railway Timetable, the ticket can be booked for any train on the Indian Railways computerised passenger network for any originating station or train to any destination.

I am a senior citizen and was surprised to find that the Southern Railway reservation counter is unable to issue reserved tickets for the trains running as per Time Table 68 & 68A from Chennai.

I have submitted an application for travelling between Tambaram and Kottarakara (via) Tirunelveli (Table Nos. 7, 70 & 68 of new Time Table), but the staff at the counter was unable to issue tickets beyond Tirunelveli and they have told me that no data is available in the computer, though express and passenger trains are running between Shencottah and Quilon.

Will Railway authorities look into the matter?

M. I. Rawther,


Ratan Tata speech

In refreshing contrast to dull and drab utterances of politicians, industrialist Ratan Tata in his inspiring address to the graduates of the IIT (The Hindu, July 29) advised students to think big, act boldly with special responsibility and give back to the country what it deserved.

He wanted integrity, social responsibility, fairness and justice to be the guiding factors of the youth. In seeking jobs, he said they should be driven by technical challenge rather than big money.

A lecture worth a lot indeed!

T. K. Subramanian,


Nandanam flyover

The volume of traffic at Nandanam signal, Anna Salai during peak hours is alarming, with the result that office goers are not able to reach office on time.

Traffic pile-ups can be seen at this junction, and vehicles slow down drastically before half a kilometre of this signal; one has to wait agonisingly long in the scorching sun to pass through this stretch.

This underscores the need for construction of a flyover here. This is an important signal and a flyover ought to have been constructed when the city got flyovers some years ago.

V. R. Ravikumar,


Road safety

"How safe are the roads for children" (August 9, 2006) was thought provoking. I, a senior citizen living in K.K. Nagar, have observed that the junctions at Alagirisamy Road and Dr. Lakshmanasamy Road crossing as well as Alagirisamy Road and Dr. Ramasamy Road crossing in an area where there are three schools are not safe for pedestrians particularly school children during school hours due to heavy traffic.

The authorities need to install traffic signals at least during school hours, as well as put up speed breakers.

P. Parthasarathy,

K.K. Nagar