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Ford India general manager tells mechanical engineering students

TAMBARAM: Nanotechnology, which is at a nascent stage, needs plenty of support from mechanical engineers and will have tremendous potential for graduates from this stream of engineering, said R. Balasundaram, general manager, Materials Planning and Logistics, Ford India.

He was inaugurating Sai Mech 2006, the eight annual technical symposium, organised by Sri Sai Ram Engineering College near Tambaram.

Research was being carried out at various levels using nanotechnology to find a replacement for fossil fuels to drive automobiles and the role of mechanical engineers was significant, he said.

He sought to dispel the general perception among the student fraternity that only the Information Technology sector had potential and scope for youth. While stating that the IT sector deserved the highest respect, Mr. Balasundaram said at the same time, it could only be a support function and never a core function. Urging prospective mechanical engineers to think big, he recalled that Henry Ford's vision resulted in the growth of the motor giant that was worth U.S. $180 billion today.