Halt at important stations

The newly introduced 2695/2696 Chennai- Thiruvananthapuram- Chennai super fast express train does not halt at important stations between Kottayam and Kollam.

In order to ease the rush for the Chennai- Thiruvananthapuram Mail and for the benefit of passengers from the middle and eastern parts of Kerala, including Sabarimala pilgrims, I request Southern Railway administration to provide halts for the train at Changanassery, Thiruvalla, Chengannur, Mavelikara and Kayamkulam.

P.S.R. Pillai,

Collect garbage

It is not known why the Corporation of Chennai is giving stepmotherly treatment to 16th Main Road `H' Block, Annanagar, whereas the adjacent roads near Kathiravan Colony and other streets/ roads are cleaned and the rubbish collected by the Corporation lorry. Though it is a known fact that H block has a civic Exnora facility, they do not clear garbage such as dried coconut leaves, cleaned garden dried leaves etc., which can be taken only in lorry. The lorry passes by the road, but it does not stop to collect the trash. The authorities are requested to remedy this.

V. Ramanathan,

Anna Nagar

Help people take

the escalator

On July 22, 2006 I went to Egmore to take the Pallavan Express. It was 2-45 p.m. I had several pieces of baggage. I was about to get into the escalator when I saw a senior citizen aged about 80 coming to the escalator with baggage. A woman police constable was standing near the escalator. I requested the police constable to help the senior citizen take the escalator but she remained indifferent. After reaching the overbridge, I saw the senior citizen struggling to keep his balance while the escalator was moving. I then helped the senior citizen to step out of the escalator.

Will the Railways post a few staff immediately near the escalator at Egmore to help senior citizens, ladies, invalid people and children take the escalator.

T. N. Manikanteswaran,
Indira Nagar

More bus services needed

Acquiring new hi-tech buses and adding them to the city's fleet may be welcome news for Chennai commuters, but it is equally important to add sufficient fleet strength to areas that are acutely affected by lack of services, that actually require it given density of population, percentage of bus users, and infrastructure in the areas. To cite an example, the adjoining areas of Koyambedu vegetable market and mofussil bus stand viz. Chinmaya Nagar, Elango Nagar etc, the most dense areas in Virugambakkam, where a high percentage of office-goers reside, people face all sorts of problems thanks to limited number of buses plying in these areas.

If the authorities run more buses on these routes via Kaliamman Koil Street, it will not only benefit commuters, but will also bring in greater revenue.

V. Rajagopal,

Not enough buses

The frequency of the bus service to Kaviarasu Kannadasan Nagar from Mylapore for the last three months is low. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation suddenly reduced the frequency of route 21 buses from Mylapore to Kannadasan Nagar. There is also no bus service to Tiruvottiyur and Avadi from Kannadasan Nagar.

I request the MTC authorities to take the necessary action to serve passengers.

G. Arumugam,

Too many steps

The foot overbridges in all the Suburban Railway Stations are very high with more than 40-45 steps. The public in general, and senior citizens in particular, find this difficult.

There can be small subways to enter the stations with slanting (without steps) walkways like hospitals to give relief.

Also, all government offices dealing with the public should be housed on the ground floor for the convenience of senior citizens and retired personnel.

C. N. Sivaraman,

Garbage clearance in Ambattur

A lot of garbage gets piled up daily in 19th Ward, Ambattur Municipality, but no action has been taken by the Ambattur Municipality to clear the garbage. This makes it fertile ground for mosquitoes to breed, apart from being a eyesore. Residents would like the Ambattur Municipality to hand over this ward to private contractor for clearance of garbage. Will the authorities do the needful?

T. Gunaseelan,

Central median lighting

With the sparkling colourful lights on the GST road along the Tirusoolam airport area, one can find a lot of advertising hoardings on display. The world class dazzling central median sodium vapour lights in various colours all over are bound to attract everyone's eye.

Right from Kathipara Junction Guindu, up to Kattankolathur Railway station, the continuous stretch is decorated except in 4 or 5 places covering Pallavaram, Tambaram especially near the Outer Ring Road Intersection, Perungalathur, Urapakkam, Guduvancherry and Potheri. It is not known why a stretch of one kilometre is pitch dark in Potheri. Again at Maraimalai Nagar Municipal limits, it is dark. Maraimalai Nagar municipality is comfortable financially; hence not providing the central median lights is unfair and unjust to Maraimalar Nagar municipal area.

It is up to the National Highway Authority of India and the State Municipal Administration Department to take up with the municipality. It will be proper to extend the median lighting from Kattankolathur railway station up to Chengalpattu and beyond in the larger interests of the road users.

S. Gopalan,
Marai Malai Nagar

Swift action by officer

On behalf of the residents of TVS Colony, Officers' Colony and the numerous people who cross the Officers' Colony-Ambattur Estate Road intersection at a very great risk in spite of an automatic signal installed, I profusely thank the Joint Commissioner of Police Traffic (JC) Sunil Kumar, IPS, for his swift action by being present personally to study the traffic scenario at this junction.

The chaotic situation, which prevails at this junction especially during peak hours, was narrated to him on Monday. The JC, who was greatly concerned about the safety and security of the general public, especially school children, was present the next morning with other senior officials of Traffic Police. He gave on the spot instructions to arrest, control and regulate the chaotic situation. A number of policemen were present both in the morning and in the evening and the JC assured us that the drive would continue. The citizens are very happy with the officer's response.

V. Rajagopal,
Annanagar Western Extn.,

Traffic nightmare

It is not only the road as mentioned in Reporter's Diary (The Hindu, August 1, 2006) but also the entire stretch of ICF Link Road that leads to Villivakkam Railway Station bordering the ICF compound wall that remains in the doldrums. It is a nightmarish experience for thousands of Railway employees and others who are not able to get free access to this road, because of the encroachments and congestions, besides the piled up garbage.

Neither the Corporation of Chennai nor the authorities of the ICF/Railways have shown any concern about this. We request the authorities to take urgent steps to improve the condition of this important thoroughfare.

K. Ramadoss,
Vice President
Exnora International &
President-Chennai North Dist. Exnora

Train halt at Ottivakkam

I am a commuter from P.V.Kalathur village near the Ottivakkam Railway Station. I have sent several letters to the Southern Railway administration regarding the stopping of the following fast passenger trains at the Ottivakkam Railway Station: Train No. 103 Chennai Egmore-Puducheri & Train No. 104 Puducheri-Chennai Egmore fast passenger. But only a negative reply came from the Southern Railway Office. I was shocked because the monthly passenger earnings are substantial with more than 500 passengers travelling daily and the number increasing day by day. I once again request on behalf of the commuters of our area for halting Train No. 103 & Train No. 104 at Ottivakkam Railway Station.

D. Murali,

Poor bus service

I am a regular commuter to Thousand Lights from Poonamallee. There are no buses in the morning between 7 and 7-30 and the in the evening between 3-30 and 4, particularly on route 25G. It appears that drivers are not sincere about discharging their duties, preferring to while away their time chatting. Complaints to the Poonamallee depot officials have proved useless.

There are also no announcements on the departure of buses. Commuters are unaware of which bus is leaving, and when. It would be helpful if the bus crew put up the time of departure on the respective buses. I, on behalf of the public, request the authorities to act on this.


Stopped for no reason

From Kavignar Bharadhidasan Road, vehicles are free to turn left or right at Anna Salai. On August 9, 2006 when I took my left turn from the above junction (Teynampet), a group of traffic policemen stopped my bike. After examining my documents, I was shocked when the senior traffic policeman told me that I had taken a wrong `U' turn. Though I was allowed to go finally, I was upset at being stopped for frivolous reasons. I had to waste precious time, though I had not violated any rules.

N. Vijayaraghavan,
West Mambalam

Prompt action by EB

We had no power supply from 10.30 p.m. on August 7 to 7.30 a.m. on August 8, 2006 in our area. I contacted the Electricity Board office concerned (Phone No. 22554330) at 11 p.m. on August 7, but no one was there to answer the phone. Then I contacted the centre for power supply monitoring round the clock (Phone 28524422). A lady politely took my call and said she would pass on the information about the power failure. But even by 6 a.m. on August 8, power supply was not restored. I again called Phone No. 22554330. The person who answered the call said that it was not the number to call, but could not tell me which number I should call to report the problem. The AEE/Nanganallur subsequently called me over phone following up on the complaint made by me with the round the clock monitoring centre, and told me he had informed the AEE/Adambakkam about the problem. The AEE/Adambakkam called me and said he had directed his staff to attend to the problem. We finally got the supply restored at 7.30 a.m. on August 8. I would like to convey my thanks to the officers concerned for restoring power supply.

T. Venkata Rao,

Bad roads

The main roads in Mogappair West are in such a bad condition that they are not fit for movement of vehicles including two wheelers. Motorists taking the road from Aavin junction to Priya Kalyana Mandapam can confirm the truth of this statement. These roads have not been metal topped for more than a decade. Repeated representations to the Ambattur Municipality have not yielded any results. I appeal to the Local Administration Minister to look into the civic problems of our area.

R. Suresh,
Mogappair (W)

Commuters' plight ignored at Tiruvallur

The booking office employees at Tiruvallur Railway Station are very reluctant to put on the ceiling fans in the hall for the convenience of commuters, and do so only after repeated requests. At the same it is strange to find out that the fans are switched on in the night, under which the beggars, hawkers, rag pullers and vagabonds take shelter very conveniently. This state of affairs has been going on for a long time. This practice makes no sense at all and the Railway authorities should do something about it.

N.B.S. Manian,
Secretary, Residents Welfare Association,

City bus guide

An up to date MTC bus guide is most essential for the travelling public and tourists in Chennai. It should be published in English and Tamil, along with a detailed route map. Early action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

P. V. Srinivasan,
Sastri Nagar

Circuitous route

At present, there is no direct metre gauge train service to Kumbakonam from Chennai due to ongoing gauge conversion works on MG sections.

Although there is a direct BG train service to Kumbakonam via Tiruchy, passengers have to pay a higher fare because of the circuitous route. There is an immediate BG link service to Kumbakonam at Mayiladuthurai at 5-40 a.m. (Train No. 895) at PF No.4 on arrival of Train No. 813 (MG) at 5-30 a.m. from Tambaram.

Unfortunately, the 10 minutes time in between is hardly sufficient to move from the first platform on which train No. 813 from Tambaram arrives, especially because of the elevated foot overbridge (BG specification) over platforms 2 and 3. It would be helpful if the railway authorities could arrange to bring the train from Tambaram to an adjacent platform.

The authorities should also re-schedule the departure of Train No. 895 to Kumbakonam by a few minutes on platform No. 4.

M. Thiyagarajan,

Polluted road

East Circular Road in Mandavelipakkam has virtually become an open air toilet for dogs. This is the only broad road in the locality and many flats and buildings have come up here. Dog owners take their pets for a walk in the mornings on this road. It is needless to add that the dogs ease themselves on the road. The faeces is left unattended and during the rainy season, it mixes with water and stagnates.

In America, owners are compulsorily made to carry a small plastic pouch with tissue papers while dogs are being taken for a walk. The owners should clean and remove the faeces failing which they are prosecuted.

S. J. Vincent,
East Circular Road

Left in the lurch

Many of the bus stops in Chennai are provided with shelters and carry signboards mentioning the route numbers of the buses passing through that stop. On seeing it, commuters wait at the stops, in the hope of boarding their bus, but many of the buses do not stop at that point and stop elsewhere.

A few examples the buses on route No.5C (Taramani-Broadway) do not stop at the Adyar Gate bus stop in front of Park Sheraton Hotel, but instead halt near the other side of the hotel on TTK Road. At the bus stop opposite the ICICI Nandanam, some of the route buses had already been withdrawn but the board still shows the route numbers, and at the Turnbulls Road stop towards Kotturpuram some of the buses do not stop at all. The victims of all this are the hapless commuters.

There may be many more such bus stops in the city and suburbs where the signboards are simply plain wrong. The MTC authorities should make arrangement to identify such boards and correct them at the earliest in the interests of the commuters.

S. Rajan,