"I cannot compromise on work or my principles"

He has succeeded in many fields in the Tamil film industry. Despite spending over 60 years in the industry, he still works untiringly. A pioneer in dubbing dialogues for films and songs, and lending his voice to several matinee idols, including A. Nageswara Rao and N.T. Rama Rao in dubbed Tamil films, K. Devanarayanan (80) likes to experiment, as he tells K. Lakshmi.

Age has not deterred his passion for pursuing new dimensions in writing, or dampened his spirit to venture into new fields. He was instrumental in making the characters in `Tipu Sultan', a serial dubbed from Hindi, speak his dialogues in Tamil.

Mr. Devanarayanan began his career as a child artist in a film called `Krishnan Thoodhu' when he was 11 years old. He became a stage playwright in 1942. `Ramarajyam', made by AVM productions, kickstarted his career in films. He was not only a dubbing writer, but also sang and dubbed for other artists.," said Mr. Devanarayanan.

He says he dropped several film offers as writer and hero. That was because "I cannot compromise on work or my principles. But, I do not regret losing those opportunities," he said. His writing contributed to the success of several dubbed films such as `Sippikul Muthu,' `Salangai Oli' and `Annamacharya'.

"I took up the challenge of changing the storyline of a Telugu film dubbed into Tamil as `Sahodara Saval', as the original movie in Kannada had already been dubbed in Tamil."

He also wrote and directed stage plays simultaneously. "I introduced veteran comedian Chandra Babu in my play `Naan Aparadi' in 1950," he said. He was also a versatile dubbing artist. Mr. Devanarayanan has been writing for teleserials for more than two decades. He pursues his profession with passion. "Though I have not got recognition for my ventures outside, I am happy that I am known in the film industry," he said.