Ramya Kannan

To be held at Russian Cultural Centre

CHENNAI: If you have passion for filmmaking and social causes, read on. Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF) is organising a three-day film fest, "Frame of Mind," to showcase the most sensitive films on the issues of mental illness and stigma.

The fest, from October 6 to 8 at the Russian Cultural Centre, will be part of the International Conference on Schizophrenia (IConS) organised by SCARF and is open to anyone who wants to understand the mental illness better.

The portrayal and interpretation of insanity in films vary according to cinematic traditions across the globe. While some of them do enhance our understanding of the ailment and the distress it causes, there are many, which reinforce our prejudices and myths thereby enhancing the stigma attached to mental illness.

An attempt at breaking the stigma is at the core of ``Frame of Mind''.

In addition to screening of movies, there is also a competitive section for short film, again to counter negative, inaccurate and cliched images of people with mental illness and encourage a more accurate, and realistic portrayal.

Entries should be of 3- or 5-minute duration, of any genre drama, fiction, documentary or docu-drama and employing any techniques including animation for narration of story.

They can be shot in any format but should be submitted only on DVD. Films should be either in English or subtitled in English.

No entry fee

There is no entry fee and prizes up to Rs. one lakh are up for the take. Films shortlisted by the jury will also be screened during the festival.

The last date for submission of entries is August 31. Entries can be sent to ``Frame of Mind'', Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), R/7A, North Main Road, Anna Nagar (West Extn), Chennai -101.Website:www.frameofmind.in Phone :91-44-26154704 / 3971/ 1073