Actor Sangeetha content with her success

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Actor Sangeetha
Actor Sangeetha

S.R. Ashok Kumar

"I used to watch several films a day when I was a kid. This made me think about taking up acting for a career"

Sangeetha has shown that she is not just a pretty face after her performance in `Uyir'. She started acting when she was very young, and has now worked in all the south Indian languages. Sangeetha talks about her work, and recent success.

I am a normal girl having the usual ambitions, and I want to live and survive in the industry. I struggled in the beginning. Now I am content with what I have. I want to help everybody as much as I can, and I want to live in peace here.

I refused offers to act when I was very young. My grandfather, K.R. Balan, a pioneer in the film industry, wanted me to try my hand at acting. I was learning Bharatanatyam, and my mother, Banumathy, wanted me to make it big in some art form. I was not interested in films, but I was forced to act when I was just 14 or 15 years old. Now, I feel that that was not the right age to enter films. One should at least be 21 to enter the industry.

I used to watch several films a day when I was a kid. This made me think about taking up acting for a career. After persuasion from various quarters and gaining inspiration from the stalwarts of our industry, I decided to enter the film field and try to be as successful as the greats there.

My first film was `Poonjolai' directed by Gangai Amaren. Till date, I have acted in about 40 films in all the south Indian languages, including eight in Tamil. Among my favourite films are `Pithamagan' in Tamil, `Khadgam' in Telugu (both films have made me very popular), `Nalla' in Kannada, `Pellam Ooruvellithe' and `Deepasthambam Mahshriyam' in Malayalam.

I am a fan of actor Richard Gere. When he came to Hyderabad for an AIDS awareness programme, I went up and shook hands with him.

My performance in `Khadgam' and `Pithamagan' got me appreciation from none other than B. Sarojadevi. She said I had done a wonderful job.

I will not allow my child to start acting when he or she is very young.

Let them enjoy normal school and college life. If they decide to act after they turn 21, then it will be their decision. I will not stand in their way. To be able to take a decision, one must be at least 21 years old.

While I was still in my teens, I was busy working 24 hours. Now, I want to relax and be happy. After `Pithamagan' I accepted `Uyir'. I am not desperate to do a movie quickly, but would rather wait for a good role to come up.

A lot of people have asked for my opinion on actor Vadivel's speech in a recent function criticising the storyline of `Uyir'. Everybody has the right to have his or her opinion on any issue. I respect his views, but I felt that he could have spoken to the director or the producer of `Uyir'. I did not like him expressing his views in a public function.




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