Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Be it his profound messages through his witty dialogues in films or his philanthropic initiatives to empower the downtrodden, film comedian N. S. Krishnan has carved a niche in Tamil film and literary circles, said speakers at a function organised by Kanyakumari Vellalar Association as part of NSK’s centenary celebrations here on Sunday.

MGR Kazhagam president RM. Veerappan said he was instrumental in introducing many stage artistes to the film industry and supported them at every stage. Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M.G. Ramachandran was also introduced to the tinsel world by NSK. In films such as ‘Chakkravarthi Thirumagal,’ NSK sent across powerful social messages and discouraged people from holding superstitious beliefs. His political satires were subtle but contained revolutionary messages for both politicians and the public. NSK believed that education was the prime tool to empower all sections of the society. He never failed to identify talents and extended financial and moral support to them. Narrating NSK’s relationship with the former Chief Minister, Mr. Veerappan said he urged MGR to act in ‘Madurai Veeran,’ a movie that MGR initially turned down as the movie had mythological references.

However, the runaway success of the movie gave a huge political mileage to MGR. The comedian was known for his charitable nature.