Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: BSNL is backing up its broadband infrastructure expansion spree with attractive schemes to increase its user base in the State.

For existing customers, BSNL has introduced a discount scheme that offers a 15 to 40 per cent relief on usage charges in excess of the prescribed limits. For usage above the 1 GB limit, the customer gets a 15 per cent discount, for usage above 5 GB and upto 10 GB, users get a discount of 30 per cent and for usage above the 10 GB limit, the discount is 40 per cent. The security deposit applicable on Plans of 500 and below has been waived for broadband connections applied after April 1. In two new plans for rural users with connections with a minimum speed of 512 kbps, BSNL is offering free download/upload of 400 MB for a monthly fee of Rs.99 and free download of 1 GB on a monthly charge of Rs.150.

Tamil Nadu Circle has so far commissioned 2653 DSLAM equipment, of which 993 have been deployed in rural areas covering an estimated 5092 villages across the State.